Review of L.L.Bean MasterCard

L.L.Bean MasterCard

Citibank of Sioux Falls, SD issues the L.L Bean credit card. It is a store credit card which is only eligible to be applied for those Citibank account holders who have a credit score between 700 to 850. If you have good creditworthiness and can maintain it throughout, then L.L. Bean Mastercard would be best to have with no annual fees.

Terms & Fees

• Annual Fee: $0
• Purchase APR: 15.49%
• Cash Advance APR: 26.74%
• Cash Advance Fee: 5% or $5 Minimum
• Foreign Transaction Fee: 3%
• Balance APR: 15.49%
• Balance Transfer Fee: 3% or $5 Minimum
• Late Fee: Up to $37
• Return Payment Fee: Up to $37

Quick Facts

• The annual fee is $0
• You will be eligible for free shipping and return on all your purchases
• You can enjoy free monogramming with this card
• There are many exclusive sales and offers that come with this card
• Even if you have a decent credit score, you can get this card
• As it is issued by Citibank, you can expect to have a better customer service than most of the other cards available in the market

Earning the Rewards

• You will get 15% discount on your first purchase at L.L. Bean with this card as a sign-up bonus
• You can earn coupon dollars and more on all your purchases, including those at L.L. Bean
• You will get 3% in coupon dollar on all your purchases at L.L. Bean
• You will earn 1% in coupon dollar on all your other purchases
• You will get 10% in coupon dollar if you will subscribe for L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Program using this card
• You get 4% cashback on some of the eligible purchases at L.L. Bean stores and online portal
• You can get more than the standard discount at the L.L. Bean stores so look out for the special discount offers while you are shopping with this card

Redeeming the Rewards

This is the best card if you want something with a simple redemption system. Once you have ten coupon dollars collected in your reward account, Barclaycard will cash them for you automatically and issue a $10 L.L. Bean Coupon along with your next credit statement.
You can also redeem the Bean Bucks that you will earn for most of the purchases that you will make at L.L. Bean.

Benefits to the Cardholders

• Free Shipping and Return: Though you usually have to pay $6.50 on your return shipping with the retailer, you get to enjoy $0 return shipping if you are an L.L.Bean MasterCard holder. You will also be eligible for free standard shipping of the products.
• Report to Major Credit Bureaus: Your L.L.Bean MasterCard purchases and credit statements are reported to the major credit bureaus that include Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. Hence, if you will use the card responsibly, it can help you increase your creditworthiness.
• Free Monogramming: You do not need to wait for special occasions to monogram your products from L.L.Bean MasterCard. A single line that usually costs around $8 can be monogrammed for free anytime throughout the year with this card.
• Purchase Protection: In case an item purchased from L.L.Bean MasterCard is broken or stolen, you will be eligible to claim reimbursement for most of the products.
• Extended Warranty: You can enjoy double the warranty period on most of the products purchased from L.L.Bean MasterCard up to a maximum period of one year at zero cost.
• Price Warranty: If you purchase any item from L.L.Bean MasterCard and then later find it being sold at a lower price, you can claim for the reimbursement of the difference amount.
• Travelling Assistance: In case you are traveling and need emergency assistance like immediately card replacement or cash advancement among others, you will be eligible to get 24*7 assistance with this card.
• Road Assistance: If your car breaks down or anything happens while you are traveling by road, you can call for assistance or tow service for free using this card.
• Rental Coverage: In case of any collision damage or theft caused to the car rental in the US, you will get coverage if you have paid the car rent using the L.L. Bean Mastercard and have not subscribed for the insurance coverage provided by the owner company.
• Fraud and Theft Protection: If you become a victim of unauthorized access of your card or theft, then you will not be held responsible for the transactions made.


If you are looking for a retail credit card with no annual fees and L.L. Bean is one of your favorite places to shop at, then you cannot get a better option than L.L.Bean MasterCard. You can use it anywhere and can earn cashback on the purchases at the retail store that you would be making anyway. However, make sure that you pay the balances on time as the interest rate can increase your card maintenance cost.