Auto Insurance for young drivers

Insurance for young drivers

I’m going to college in another state, and my car is still registered in the home state. Will my (or my parents’) the home state policy cover me?

Yes, coverage would still apply. Your premium may be adjusted because of where the vehicle is now located.

My daughter is going away to college. Can my company force me to keep her on the policy if I want to remove her?

Yes, your company still must cover her as long as her permanent residence is your home. Even if she doesn’t have a vehicle with her, your policy covers her for liability when she may borrow a vehicle at school and when at home on visits.

I’m enlisting in the military. Does my policy still cover me if I’m stationed in another state?

Your policy will automatically meet the other state’s liability requirement. When it is time to renew your policy you may be required to purchase insurance in the state where you are stationed.

My son has received his driver’s license. Do I have to add him to my policy if he drops his own insurance policy?

Yes, as long as he is a resident of your household. However, you must notify your agent or company. Failure to do so could jeopardize your coverage.

My 19-year-old son no longer lives with me. What can I do to remove him from my policy if the company wants to keep him on my policy?

Showing proof of insurance with another company can help you remove him. Also, show the company any documents that will help prove that a change of address has taken place. Examples of these documents can include lease agreements, utility billings or receipts, and a current driver’s license.

Does my child have to be rated on the most expensive vehicle?

No, the rates should apply to the vehicle your child principally operates. If the child is an occasional operator, the rates would apply to the vehicle your child most frequently operates.