Car Insurance Karma

Car Insurance Karma

The Insurance Karma Marketplace offers a choice of providers of all major insurance types. The marketplace offers insurance carriers who will serve you directly with online insurance quotes; referral services that may help you get multiple insurance quotes; and insurance agencies that usually have a selection of insurance companies.

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Auto Insurance is required on all passenger cars in the U.S. Many insurance carriers are licensed on a state by state basis. We show you the insurance companies that offer service and are licensed to do business in your state. We also offer a list of providers for motorcycle insurance.


You may want to ask your agent or company if you are eligible for any discounts. Following are some examples of discounts being offered:
You agree to an Electronic Funds Transfer.
You are renewing your policy and did not have a loss or conviction during the last policy period.
You are considered a mature driver (normally age 55, but ages for eligibility can vary by company).

Another way you can lower your premium is by increasing your deductibles. You can choose the deductibles on your comprehensive and collision coverages. In doing this you will want to consider how much of a loss you can afford to absorb if you have a claim.

Shop around, you may find substantial differences between quotes. Make sure you are comparing identical coverages when comparing companies. Make sure you are dealing with licensed agents and companies.

Most insurers use the information in your credit report to calculate a credit based insurance score. They do this because studies show a correlation between this score and the likelihood of filing a claim. Credit-based insurance scores are different from other credit scores.

Pay your premium in full. Also, pay on or before the due date to avoid the risk of cancellation. There is NO GRACE PERIOD for automobile insurance.

Use a check or money order. If you use cash, request a receipt, and keep it in a safe place.
Pay your premiums even if you disagree with your insurance company. Failure to make premium payments may cause cancellation of your policy.
Some consumers choose to finance their premium, often by using a premium finance company.

When dealing with a premium finance company you should note the following.
You are entering into a separate agreement with the finance company.
Your insurance company is not lending you the money.
The finance charges and fees associated with the loan will increase your total cost of insurance.

What is a car insurance quote?

A car insurance quote is an estimate of what you can expect to pay for insurance coverage from a specific company. Auto insurance quotes are determined by the personal information you provide. Factors such as credit score, driving history, and age contribute to auto insurance rates. The more information you provide upfront, the more accurate your insurance quotes are likely to be.

Are car insurance quotes free?

Many companies advertise free auto insurance quotes. Any car insurance quote you receive is and should be completely free. Insurance companies want to incentivize you to purchase a car insurance policy from them, so they won't charge you for an upfront assessment (the quote). When comparing insurance rates, remember: you can find cheap online car insurance quotes for free from a variety of sources.

Why Is Car Insurance Important?

When you get behind the wheel, you take a risk. You may attempt to be the best possible driver, but you also have to trust that everyone else on the road is driving well and paying attention too. Auto insurance provides a safety net when drivers make mistakes.

How long does it take to get a car insurance quote?

You can get an online quote in minutes

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