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Loans Karma Marketplace offers a choice of providers for all of the major loan types. We’ve brought together the top internet providers to help you find the loan that best meets your needs and, of course, to help you save money by finding a low rate.

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In the Home Purchase marketplace, you’ll find providers who are looking to help you find a loan when you are ready to purchase a new home. Somewhat surprisingly, working with new home purchasers is not the preferred loan type for most online loan providers. Rest assured, our marketplace is made up of lenders and referral services that have all specifically chosen to offer products to new home buyers, so they are ready and willing to do business with you if you are buying a new home.

The Refinance Mortgage marketplace offers competing services to refinance your existing mortgage. Our providers offer a variety of services to borrowers with all credit types, from spotless to previously bankrupt, and for all types of loans. Chose the provider with the offer that best matches your situation.

In the Home Equity Loans marketplace, you’ll find service providers who will help you with a second mortgage or equity line of credit. They will help you decide which home equity product best meets your financial needs and fits the type of expense you want to finance.

Finally, our Auto Loans marketplace offers you a choice of companies that will help you find a great loan to purchase a new or used vehicle.