Review of Wells Fargo Propel Amex

Wells Fargo Propel Amex

Wells Fargo Propel Amex is the absolute best card for a beginner who does not want to invest too much in a credit card or does not want to deal with the complicated reward redemption options. This card has everything to offer to everybody, literally. If you are looking to get maximum benefit from your regular purchases including the streaming services while not having to pay annual credit card fee, then this card has maximum utility to offer you every month.

Besides, you do not need to have an account with the Wells Fargo to purchase their Proper Credit Cards. These are available for both their customers and non-customers.

Terms & Fees

• Annual Fee: $0
• Purchase APR: 14.49%
• Cash Advance APR: 25.74%
• Cash Advance Fee: 5% or Minimum $10
• Foreign Transaction Fee: $0
• Balance APR: 14.49%
• Balance Transfer Fee: 3% or Minimum $5
• Late Fee: Up to $37
• Return Payment Fee: Up to $37

Quick Facts

• You will get a sign-up bonus of 30,000 if you make purchases of $3,000 using the card within the first three months
• There is no annual fee or foreign transaction fee
• You will get an intro 0% APR purchase, followed by a variable rate
• You can get free access to any one of your 8 FICO Credit Scores
• You will also be eligible for American Express Shopping and Travelling benefits

Earning the Rewards

• You get a non-traditional sign-up bonus in the form of 5% points on the first $12,500 that you will spend on the purchases made with this card within the first six months
• You will earn 3% points on all your travel expenses (hotels, flights, car rentals, taxi, cab-sharing), restaurant dine-in (including fast food and drinking places), gas stations and regular streaming services (Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify Premium, Hulu among others)
• You will earn 1% point on all the other purchases
• The best part about the Wells Fargo Proper Amex Credit Card is the cash back it is offering on the streaming services, which makes it a millennium favorite as this is the only card with zero annual fees providing that benefit.

Redeeming the Rewards

You will be eligible to get at least 1 cent per point no matter whether you redeem it for travel, cash back, gift cards or donations. Besides, you can also use this card in combination with your other Wells Fargo Credit cards to get some of the amazing redemptions offers that you will not get otherwise.

Benefits to the Cardholders

VIP Access to Entertainment: You will be getting presale tickets, VIP access or special offers on your purchases made for all the big events that happen around various cities in the US.
Free FICO Credit Score: You can check your FICO 9 Credit Score an unlimited number of times for free with this card.
Fraud Protection: In case there is an unauthorized transaction or your card is stolen, you will not be held liable for the transactions made.
Extended Warranty: If you make the entire purchase using Wells Fargo Proper Amex card, then you will be eligible double the warranty period of up to an additional one year for free.
Purchase Protection: If an eligible purchase made entirely using this credit card get damaged or is stolen within the first 90 days of the purchase, you can claim for a reimbursement.
Return Protection: If you have made a purchase with the Proper Amex card and want to return it within the first 90 days but the retailer refuses, then you can claim for a refund of complete purchase price with this card, for up to an amount of $300 per purchase and $1,000 per year.
Personal Travel Assistance: You can get the information for non-emergency travel services like weather forecast, passport requirements, business etiquette and local customs among others round the clock.
Emergency Assistance: While you are traveling outside the country, you can get emergency 24*7 assistance in case you require urgent message relay, referrals for interpreters, cash/bail among many other services.
Travel Accident Insurance: You will get worldwide travel insurance for any damage or reimbursement for common carriers, up to a maximum amount of $150,000. Your spouse and dependent children will also be covered in this insurance.
Travel Inconvenience Insurance: If your luggage is damaged or lost while traveling with the common carriers, you can claim for reimbursement for up to $1,000 per trip.
Roadside Assistance: You can call for help or assistance round the clock in case your car breaks down or there is any damage caused to your vehicle to avail services like tire change and tow among others.
Car Rental Insurance: You will be getting secondary coverage in case there is any damage to your rental car or it gets stolen. However, you will be eligible for it only if you have made the entire rental payment using the card and have not subscribed for the insurance service offered by the rental company.


Wells Fargo is a card for everybody who is looking for benefits on multiple and unusual services which other credit cards do not include. With no annual fee, foreign transaction fee, blackout restrictions or transfer partners, you cannot get a better deal than Wells Fargo Proper Amex Credit Card.