Top Credit Cards By American Heritage FCU

Top Credit Cards By American Heritage FCU

American Heritage FCU is a prime financial corporation, presenting us with four options of credit cards. What makes the cards stand out is the outstanding rewards coupled with high fees. This gives us the idea of understanding the card.

This article is going to give you an insight into the various rates and fees that you need to know about the card and also the associated rewards with this card. You will also get the complete information that one requires before selecting the card and thereby will help you out on deciding on the right credit card to choose for you and your family based on your requirements. These Credit Cards By American Heritage have different offers, and they cater to different needs.

Platinum Preferred Mastercard

  • This card offers no annual fees and also gives you the joy to enjoy zero balance fees for the transfer.
  • The annual percentage rate of this card is 3.99% for transfers for your entire lifetime.
  • For every dollar you spend you will receive a cash back because you are going to use the points that you get from the Credit Cards By American Heritage by getting every transaction that you make, thus making this an ideal card.

Cash Rewards Mastercard

  • This card gives you a benefit of 3% cashback every time you get your transaction on the gas filling.
  • You also receive 2% cashback every time you go for dining or to a restaurant. This is an excellent option for families.
  • You are not only done with this, but there is also one percent cashback as well, for every other transaction that you make with this Credit Cards By American Heritage.
  • This card does not have an annual fee.
  • It does not have any annual balance transfer fee as well.
  • Moving forward if you spend $1500 in the first 90 days after you get the card, you get a bonus reward of $150 as well. This is a great card for daily use.

Platinum Classic Mastercard

  • This card has no annual fee, and it also has a lower annual percentage rate of 12.9% only.
  • You also do not have to pay any balance transfer fee.
  • The best part about this card is that the credit limit stops at $300. There are various options that you get with your Credit Cards By American Heritage scorecard as well.
  • You get one point of the scorecard as well for every dollar that you spend with this card. Thus every transaction gives you a benefit of some reward making this card an excellent option to select.

Platinum Secured Mastercard

  • This card has a low annual fee of $35.
  • This card also has an annual percentage rate of 15.9% too.
  • Moving forward you enjoy the convenience of a Credit Cards By American Heritage that is going to help you in building a real credit history, which means that this card will allow you to get it only at a bare minimum credit score as well.
  • The limit is from $300-$25,000, and this option of choosing your deposit funds in such a vast range gets the clarity for this card is a viable option.