Fleetcor Credit Cards 

Credit Cards by Fleetcor

We all need a credit card and a good credit card is the most important requirement. Today in the digital world, while everyone carefully looks at the rates and fees of the card before buying. However, sometimes we forget to take note of the benefits and rewards that we are getting with the card. Fleetcore ensures that you as accredit card customer are able to extract maximum benefits of using a credit card. On a mission to ‘Happy Customers’, the company strives to introduce a culture of innovation and fruitful payment methods.

We have it listed with us. It will be handy for us to select a good credit card and it will also help us in remembering the benefits and claiming the same in the future from time to time basis as well.

Fleetcor credit cards is an rewarding envelope with two master cards. This article is going to compare the rates, fees, rewards, and benefits of the two  cards by Fleetcor. A quick read will be handy for you to select the best card for yourself and your family.

BP Business Solutions Mastercard

BP Business Solutions Mastercard by Fleetcor provides you the freedom of thought on making your purchases that take a ride across coasts and borders with a perfect customization for managing your fuel expenditure.Some of the quick highlights of the card include:

  • The annual fee is just $10 per month with this card. However, the same is waived off if you use over 5000 gallons per month and thus it is the bait to be followed.
  • This card is accepted in more than one lakh locations all around the nation.
  • It comes up with a great rebate on purchasing the fuel at the various locations of BP all across the nation.
  • On each gallon, there is a saving of six cents at all the locations of BP.
  • This we can very well see that this card entitles the user to excellent fuel saving options and people who have good traveling on a daily basis can benefit well from this card.
  • This is not just on the annual fee but also on the gallon price with the benefit of six cents on each gallon.
  • Has good real-time transactions and customized reports as well.
  • You can also help yourself by working on the spending limits. You can do the same by reducing the daily transaction limit settings.
  • In case you noticed that there are any fraudulent purchases, then there is a requirement of good safety from the same as well.
  • The best part is that 24/7 you have complete online access and assistance.

The Universal Premium FleetCard Mastercard

Universal Premium FleetCard Mastercard is your friend and associate to help you maximize your business profits. This you can do so by infusing the best possible time and hard earned money to your business operations. The structure and culture of the card has put all business payments at ease.

Some of the quick highlights of the card are:

  • With this card, we do not have to pay an annual fee.
  • We do require a fair credit score to be eligible for this card.
  • Every gallon that we buy we can earn up to 3 cents.
  • If there is a retail savings network and if the fuelling is done via that process, then there is additional benefit of three cents.
  • This is the best card when it comes to somebody who is using more of fuel in their daily routine.
  • This card gives you an opportunity of purchasing fuel and maintenance requirements throughout the nation where ever there is a possibility of MasterCard being accepted.
  • The good part is that if you feel that you are overspending on your fuel purchases, you can set a spending limit on fuel purchase.
  • It is great for companies who give their employees individual cards for usage.
  • There is complete access to this card for online accounting.