First Savings Bank Credit Card

First Savings Bank Credit Card

First savings bank was established back then in 1989. Banks with such a long history bring with them credibility and recognition. This is the reason why reviewing their credit card is all the more important. Considering that, many people choose to opt for cards that have a rich and long legacy of trustworthy approach. With its headquarter in Beresford, South Dakota, First Savings offer the most rewarding credit card.

This article will give you an idea about the benefits of taking this credit card. It will also give you an insight to the rates and fees that are associated with this card.

First Savings Terms & Application

When talking about the terms and application, the bank provides to you with highest level of convenience of using a credit card. Through the card it also offers easy to apply process with numerous benefits.

Annual fee: $75.00

APR: 29.99%

Credit Limit: Upto $300.00

First Savings Fee Structure

  • There is an annual fee of dollar 50 and that you need to pay for being eligible for this card.
  • Further there is also a processing fee of dollar 35 applied for this card.
  • If that was not enough, then to get the card activated, there is $110 fee as well.
  • While you must be wondering that the various fees are about to end there, you have two more that need to be added.
  • Number one, there is a six dollar monthly participation fee as well and to add to the headache that is dollar 29 on the limit fee.
  • Once your card has been issued by them, then it is extremely hard to get the cancellation of the card done.
  • The idea is to understand that there is a very low credit card limit of dollar 300 and if we calculate the various fees including the processing fee, the annual fee, the activation fee and the various others, then there is only $105 left in credit.
  • Thus if you end up going for shopping, even once if you end up getting your gas tank filled, then within $100 your entire work is done and that is up.
  • You did not even get the benefit of anything further, so this credit card turned out to be an absolute no-no for people who are interested in higher pay benefits.

Features of the First Savings Bank Credit Cards

When discussing about the features and characteristics of First Savings Bank Credit Card, there are ample of essential characteristics to learn before applying for a credit card. Some of the quick highlights include:

  • This credit card does not open for applications for every body.
  • They have targeted emailing where they send a special invitation to various people via mail. Only the people who receive the mail can apply for the card.
  • This invitation is mainly targeted for people with less credit score.
  • The idea is that those with less credit score will be very desperate to improve their credit situation. Hence, will show keen interest in buying this card irrespective of the various fees that they have to pay.
  • The application process initiates through the link available in the invitation mail.
  • The bank further verifies the card purchase through genuine identity proof like driving license.
  • Eventually the credit limit for these credit cards work in the range of maximum $300 and this is rarely ever increased for them.