Best Travel Cards of United States Market

Best Travel Cards of United States Market

Make your travel cost-effective with the best travel cards in America
If you are a frequent traveller, then it makes sense to opt for any of the best travel cards in the United States. There are many cards which don’t have an annual fee, exciting reward points, and cards which give you extra perks if you spend above a specific limit in travelling. These travel cards are different from usual credit cards in some tiny details, and most of them can also be used as regular credit cards apart from being used as travel cards. Here are some of the most preferred travel cards of the US credit card market.

Capital One Venture rewards credit card

• The most crucial feature of this card is that you get a one time bonus of 50,000 miles if you manage to spend $3000 within three months of availing the card and this is equivalent to $500 in travel
• Every day on every purchase you will get 2X miles, and you can earn 10X miles on a large number of hotels through January 2010
• This card has been named by CNBC and the best travel card of 2018
• There is no restriction regarding the airline you travel or the hotel that you choose to stay in. No blackout dates is an added advantage.
• You get the ease and convenience to transfer your miles to more than 12 loyalty programs
• The miles do not expire as long as the account exists and you can earn limitless miles

Discover it Miles

• This is a card that offers unlimited bonus. Alongwith, all the miles that you make throughout the year will accumulate at the end of the year. For instance, if you have earned 35000 miles, you will get 70,000. This in turn, translates to $700 for travel. The more you earn, the more you will get
• There is no annual fee, and for every dollar you spend you earn unlimited 1.5Xmiles
• There are no blackout dates whatsoever. Pay with your Discover card for airlines, hotels rental cars and other things required while travelling
• The miles that you earn will be paid back to you. These miles can be redeemed easily as a statement credit, cash or travel purchases
• In case there is some mishap, you can quickly freeze your account within seconds on the mobile app or website, which will prevent any more purchases. Cash advances and balance transfer

Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit card

• If you avail this travel credit card, then you can earn unlimited reward points, and you can redeem them flights, hotels, vacation packages and much more. No blackouts date on this card is an added advantage.
• This card allows you to earn unlimited 1.5X points on every dollar on all eligible card purchases and there is no expiration date attached to this card
• You also get 0% APR for first 12 billing cycles for all purchases, and there is no annual fee for this card
• You will also get bonus points. You need to have active savings or checking account. You will be able to earn the maximum bonus points
Here you should bear in mind is that if this card does not have annual fees, it doesn’t mean that there are no fees at all. If you do not have a 0% APR offer active on your card, then you will be charged interest fees every month on your credit card balance. These fees are quite high, and while availing this card, you should make sure what deal you are getting.

Travel cards are, of course, most suited to travel-related purchases. However, you will get to enjoy the benefits of cards which can be used for travel purposes as well as a regular credit card. Of course, due to the cut-throat competition, most credit card companies are providing very lucrative deals to their consumers. However, you need to understand the offers on your credit card quite thoroughly to understand what deal you are getting into. This will save you from rude surprises when the monthly credit card bill reaches you.