Dairyland Insurance Review

Dairyland Insurance Review

The company, with its experience of almost 60 years in auto insurance coverage, is one of the top choices for Americans looking for auto and motorcycle insurance. It enjoys great ratings from customers because of its excellent customer service and easy claims process. It has the financial strength required of a high-quality insurance company and it also has some great money-saving discounts one can utilize to make the most of their insurance.


  • Schedule of payment: Monthly or annually
  • States served: 42
  • Offerings: Auto insurance for non-standard cases
  • Claim receiving: Online, in person or over the phone


Dairy Insurance main highlights:

  • It is a subsidiary company of Sentry Insurance, which has been around for more than a century. This ensures that choosing Dairyland Insurance for your automobile will fetch you high-quality service.
  • It is a great choice of auto insurance for people who do not have the best driving record or a stellar credit history. It provides insurance to drivers who have DUIs as well as those who have been through multiple accidents or multiple driving violations in their driving history. So if your driving record is anything other than perfect, this can be the right choice.
  • For people who drive cars they don’t own, this company provides insurance that will keep them safe if things don’t go as planned.
  • There are various ways in which you can get discounts on your auto insurance premium. The best way to go about it is to ask for a quote directly and get all the discounts you are eligible for.
  • A great thing about Dairyland Insurance is that you will be able to manage your policy from a mobile app. Just download the app and you will be able to control everything with the easy interface.

Pros of Dairyland Insurance

Before you take a decision on Dairyland Insurance, knowing about the pros and cons it has to offer is important. Here are the pros you will enjoy:

  • Dairyland takes care of all your auto insurance needs. Not only do you get insurance for your car or truck, you are also covered for motorcycles and mopeds. So no matter what kind of automobile you own, this company will have you covered.
  • Affordability is a big factor when deciding what insurance company you should choose and this company has quite a few varieties of affordable options.
  • You will be able to claim discounts for coverage on multiple motorcycles, home ownership or if you avail of motorcycle course completion. This gives you wide avenues to make sure you pay the lowest auto insurance premiums possible.
  • The experience and the financial strength are big pluses because it means that customers can enjoy the best insurance coverage over a long period of time without worries.
  • Even if you have a non-standard driving record, you can be assured that the company will provide you with coverage.

Cons of Dairyland Insurance

On the other hand, let’s look at the cons:

  • Some policy coverage options and services may not be available in all the states.
  • You cannot place claims online which can be a problem for many people who prefer all such transactions to be done online. If you are one of them, this can be an issue that will be hard to overlook.

Overall, Dairyland is a good choice for auto insurance in the United States. The number of years Dairyland and its parent company Sentry Insurance has been in operation is favorable from customers’ point of view. Other than that, you are able to get quality and affordable insurance coverage with it.