Best Rewards Credit Cards for 2019

Best Rewards Credit Cards for 2019

The thought process of a credit card buyer is always incomplete without the desire of receiving good rewards from the card. Many credit cards fulfill this wish of the user and give reasonable number of rewards. This article is a quick guide to the best credit cards in terms of rewards in the year 2019. These are the cards you can consider applying for if your reward expectations are fulfilled. From rates and fees to benefits and rewards, everything is covered here:_

Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card

  • The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card has a great variety of rewards and perks lined up for its users.
  • The points that you will be eligible to earn from the purchases that you make with card. It has great rewards for you to enjoy.
  • This can definitely be your best travel credit card as the foreign transaction fee on this card is zero.
  • It has a good reward point offer, which entitles you to get 2x points for every dollar you plan to spend on travel and dining.
  • On spending $4000 on the first three months post account opening, you receive the bonanza of 60,000 bonus points. This is worth $750 on travel.
  • It has no annual fee for the first year. Wondering how much they ask next year onwards? It is $95 per year.
  • The regular APR of this card is 18.24% to 25.24%.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

  • There is an annual fee on this card post one year. There is no annual fee on this card for the first year. After that, it is a hefty 95 dollars each year.
  • From the very start there is an APR to be paid. The APR ranges from 15.24% to 25.24%.
  • You will not get promotional benefit of not paying APR for a fixed period initially.
  • There is no fee for foreign transactions that you do when you are travelling. This makes it qualify for a good travel card.
  • If you purchase with card worth 3000 dollars or above within three months of purchase, you will be receiving 50,000 miles bonus. This is a good way to start the journey with this card.
  • The mile per dollar depends on the goods or service being bought and its attached value.

Capital One Quick Silver One Cash Rewards Credit Card

  • You will have to pay an annual fee for this card. It does not have the introductory benefit that many cards have during a certain promotional period post purchasing this card. The annual fee is 39 dollars.
  • You also have to pay an APR regularly. It has no benefit even for a certain promotional period post purchasing this card. The APR is 26.96 percent for this card.
  • The perk of this credit card is that you do not need an exceptionally high credit score to get this card. With limited history, you are good to get this card.
  • On each purchase that you make via this card, you will get a cashback of 1.5 percent as well.
  • Your cashback is not valid only for a certain period, you can happily know that this cashback is available for a lifetime.
  • There is no fraud liability on you as well, in case your card is stolen or even lost.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card

  • This is one amazing card particularly for families for their day to day purchases and requirements.
  • It does have an annual fee, but the fact that it has a great cashback potential makes it a good option to consider. The annual fee is dollar 95.
  • It has a massive 6% cashback, but only up to $6000 in one year. This one is a big eye opener.
  • That is not all, it also has 3% cashback, at gas stations and certain stores as well.
  • They have a promotional offer for their new customers. For $1000 you spent in the first 3 months, you receive $200 cashback. This is like raining cash back benefits.
  • What can be more better than a 0% APR for 12 months post signing up for the card.

Citi Double Cash Credit Card

  • The annual fee on this card is zero.
  • The APR of the card is 15.74% to 25.74%.
  • The foreign transaction fee on this card is 3%.
  • It has an interesting double cash back offer. If you make the transaction, you get 1% cash back and then when you pay your bill you get another 1% cash back. So it is living up to its name of being a double cash credit card.
  • For the first 18 months, the APR is 0%. This is an introductory benefit for the users.
  • You need to have a good credit score to get this card. This is one limitation for this card, with good benefits.
  • This card does have a foreign transaction fee. It is 3% for this card.