Best Student Credit Cards 2020

Best Student Credit Cards 2020

Selecting credit cards for students is a tough task, even more, when it is their first time. It is important to find an appropriate credit card with features that help students save their finances. This article will be your quick guide to the best student credit cards for students in US. All the determining factors like rates and fees, rewards and benefits are covered, here you go: –

Discover It Student Cashback

• The annual fee for this card is zero.
• APR of this best student credit cards ranges from 15.24% to 24.24%. For the first 6 months, it is zero. This is an introductory offer for you.
• You do not have to pay any late payment fee as well on your first delayed payment.
• There is 5% cashback on majorly all basic utilities and for the rest as well there is 1% cashback.
• If as a student you get good grades, then also you receive benefits in the form of statement credit. The good grade limit is also not very high and easily achievable. It is 3.0 GPA minimum and better higher.

Discover It Student Chrome

• You do not have to pay any annual fee for this card.
• The first 6 months will see you enjoying a zero introductory APR. Post this; it will be in the range of 15.24%- 24.24%.
• In the restaurants and gas stations, there is a benefit of 2% cashback and in all the other places 1% cashback is there.
• Good grades also help you get $20 statement credit each year.

Chase Freedom Unlimited

• Yet again, you do not have to pay any annual fee on this card.
• The APR for this card ranges from 17.24% to 25.99%. For the first 15 months, you do not have to pay any APR fee on this card. This is a good amount of time.
• There is no limit to the cashback you can earn and neither there is an expiry date to it.
• You get to check your credit score as well from time to time for free.

Journey Student Rewards from Capital One

• On all your purchases with this card, you get the benefit of 1% cashback. This is a good way to save money. This is ideally the most important thing for students.
• No annual fee on this card as well.
•  The APR on this card is somewhat on the higher note being 26.96%.
• There is no foreign transaction fee on this card. This is good for international students studying in USA then.

Discover It Secured

• Unlimited cashback in terms of expiry on your purchases. For your gas station and restaurant transactions, you will get 2% cashback and for all the other transactions, you will get 1% cashback.
• annual fee on this card is zero.
• APR of the card is 25.24%.
• It helps you build a good credit score if timely managed.
• No foreign transaction fee as well. A handy option for students who have come to the United States for study purposes.