Safeco Review

Safeco Review

Safeco Insurance is a member of Liberty Mutual Group. It is a national insurance company in the US. The company is so popular and well-to-do that it did get a football stadium named after it in 1999 till the end of the season in 2018. Its headquarters are at Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1923, Safeco is the first choice of the people of America for buying insurance products like Home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and others.

 Main features

  • Main products – auto, home
  • Other insurances – identity recovery coverage, pet health insurance and umbrella insurance
  • Serves regions of – Boston, Seattle, California, Richardson, TX; Indianapolis, Fairfield, Suwanee and mid-Atlantic region, mountain region and so on.
  • Online support for applying for policy and raising and settling of claims available
  • The company reaches the people through service offices, regional offices and independent agents

Safeco Auto Insurance

  • Popular coverage options are – create your own policy, rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance
  • Unique features of auto insurance are – first aid reimbursement, accident forgiveness, diminishing deductible
  • Auto insurance is not limited to motor vehicles only. The insurance is also available for – motorcycle, boat & watercraft, classic car, RV/motor home/trailer, atv & off-road vehicle, golf cart and low speed vehicle, snowmobile
  • There is an additional RightTrack benefit extended to the safe drivers. Buyers will enroll themselves to the RightTrack, get the device which monitors the car speed, etc. Basis the report generated, the Safe Driver discount is given to the drivers.

Safeco Home Insurance

  • Coverage options – Includes cover for all the belongings at home and on the road. Clothing, books, computer, appliances and gadgets, and all other contents related losses are covered.
  • Apart from home, the inmates of the house are also provided cover. Any type of injury suffered within the premises or around it is covered. Bodily injury and that of the property caused by the car are compensated using the coverage.
  • Additional living may be required in case of repairs and renovations. The expenses for these additional living for about 24 months are covered using the coverage from Safeco.
  • Other popular coverage options are – Identity Recovery, +Equipment Breakdown, +Valuable Articles, +Multiple Losses, One Deductible and +Personal Property Replacement Cost Protection
  • Home insurance policies are also available for various kinds of home dwellers such as – landlords, renters, condo insurance, and so on.
  • Various discounts offered to home insurance policy holders are multiple policy discount, choose a higher deductible option for making more savings, package deal discounts available on bundling of products, single payment in full. Discount is also available for properties less than 10 years old.

Other Insurance products by Safeco

  • Umbrella insurance – applicable if you strive for quality life and have a particular lifestyle comprising of car ownership, have regular income source or assets, have teenage driver, use social media, have pets, own a home, host parties, carpool or take care of other children at home, travel abroad, rent a mobile or ATV, own rental properties. Life is too unpredictable and so this insurance offers protection against all possible mishaps.
  • Pet health insurance – coverage includes accidents and illnesses, preventive care expenses, all veterinarian, emergency service and specialist costs covered.
  • Identity recovery coverage – case management charges, expenses up to $25, 000 that incurred after identity theft are covered in this
  • Lost wages and child or elder care expenses
  • No adverse premium impact

Pros of Safeco

  • Best insurance coverages that help deal with all uncertainties of life
  • Lots of discounts
  • Online support for application and claims settlement
  • Above average rating and years of experience

Cons of Safeco

Medium amount of complaints registered against the company to the state regulators.