Review of Western Union Money Transfer

Review of Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union is the biggest money transfer service provider in the world. It runs its operations in more than 200 countries and offers multiple modes to send payments. Considered one of the best ways to send money from the USA to India, Western Union has many advantages but the two most important ones are that it lets one send payments in a variety of different ways and it offers worldwide coverage.

Rates and Fees

You will be able to send money to another country via debit or credit card, cash and bank account transfer. The recipient will have the option of collecting the money in their bank account or in cash. Fees you pay Western Union will depend on the payment option combination you choose as well as the country you are sending money to.

Here are a few things to consider about the rates and fees you will have to pay:

  • Cash transfers are more expensive and bank transfers are cheaper. When you transfer money to a bank account, it is cheaper, no matter what payment method you choose. When the recipient chooses a cash pick-up, the rate you will pay will be higher.
  • When you transfer money to a recipient in a wealthy country, the rate you pay will be higher. When you do the same to a recipient in a developing country, you can expect a lower rate. For example, if you are sending money to India, it will cost you less money than if you send it to a recipient in a country such as the UK. Western Union offers its transfer services to developing countries like India, Mexico, Philippines and China. It offers its services to wealthy nations like UK, Canada and Germany. If you are planning to send money to a recipient in a wealthy western country, it may be smart to look for a different service provider.
  • How much you pay as fees depends on the country you are sending to as well as the method of transfer but for a transfer of $1000, you can expect to pay anywhere between $0 to $95.
  • When the recipient is supposed to get a cash pickup, it will cost you more but the truth is that the money will arrive in minutes so for emergencies this can be the perfect option.

Pros and cons of Western Union


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Multiple money transfer options
  • Great choice if you want to transfer money to someone in India. The costs will be cheap.
  • Money arrives in minutes. Other service providers can take up to several days to do the same.
  • Great choice during an emergency situation when money is needed.


  • Expensive if you are transferring money to a wealthy Western nation such as Germany.
  • Transferring money from bank account to bank account can take up to 4 days.

How the money transfer from USA to India works

Transferring money from USA to India by Western Union is as simple as can be.

You can choose to do it online or through any of the service locations near you. If you do it online, all you have to do is log in at the official website of Western Union and create a profile. You have to put your details in your profile and do one-time profile identity verification. You then have to check the dollar to rupee conversion rate on that particular day.

Now you are ready to send money to a bank account in India. You can choose to use a debit or a credit card or you can send money directly from your bank account. The recipient may receive the money through cash or in their bank account. It literally can happen in minutes! The best thing about doing this online is that you can do it in just a few minutes.


Western Union is easily the most stress-free way of sending money abroad. It is safe and secure and people have been using it for generations. You can track your transfers to make sure that everything is happening properly. When you choose Western Union, you are choosing the best.