Best Car Insurance For Teens

Best Car Insurance For Teens

If you are a teenager and have the money to buy a car and insurance both then it is secure. However, if you are a younger teenager and do not have the money to buy a car, then you should recruit a parent or any other adult you trust to co-sign the purchase. When it comes to insurance, you can purchase insurance for your self, but it is much cheaper if you add a teenager to a family insurance plan. You will end up paying almost 20% less if you add a teen on to a family insurance plan. However, if you decide to pay your insurance, then the premiums will become lower year by year as you grow older.

When it comes to auto insurance for teens, many companies provide good policies. Let us look at the best of these companies.

Erie Insurance

This company is operative in Wisconsin, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Indiana, or Illinois then your best bet for car insurance is Erie insurance company. This company is the best overall insurance provider for teens. The premiums are affordable for teenage and college-going students. If you are under 21 and live with your family, they offer a 20% discount on the insurance premiums. This discount is also available for each year you spend under the same policy, or for taking driving classes. There is also a discount for participating in a competitive exam that gives prizes to students to prove engagement with safe driving. Not only are the premiums of Erie insurance affordable, but their claim service is also excellent. The company is also financially very stable, and there is an excellent likelihood that you claim will get paid.

American Family Insurance

This is the 2nd best company when it comes to the overall package of teen car insurance. This company provides you with an app when you buy their insurance. This app will track your driving behaviour and provide feedback. They provide up to 10% discount on the premiums if you complete 3000 hours of driving hours or one year using this app. If you are an adult sharing the vehicle with a teen driver, then you can remove those hours from the log.

Here it is advisable to drive an older vehicle because the premiums for older cars are less. However, you should bear in mind that teen drivers are twice as likely to get in an accident compared to adult drivers. This is the reason that you should opt for a car with the best safety measures. Older vehicles sometimes lack these features, and hence you need to check this factor before settling on a vehicle.

State Farm Insurance

This company offers the best good student discount. It is also an excellent option for people who do not live in major metro areas and states which are not covered by smaller insurance companies. Their discount rate is too high, at 25% for good grades until the age of 25. The State Farm insurance company is also known for its excellent customer service. State Farm is the largest insurance company in America as they insure a more significant number of cars and homes compared to any other insurance company. This company offers Steer Clear and Drive Safe and save programs. These programs are advisable if you wish to get discounts based on driving habits while they also help young drivers to learn safe driving.

Geico Insurance

This company provides insurance in 50 states and offers a discount for safe driving habits. Apart from that, it also provides a discount if you have safety measures like anti-lock brakes, anti-theft protection and airbags in your car. Geico also has a program that offers lower premiums to teens who stay on their parents’ insurance policy and later switch to their insurance plan. If you drive the vehicle regularly, then it is advisable to opt for the mechanical breakdown coverage plan. This plan covers the cost of repairs due to normal wear and tear also. The best part is that you can purchase insurance from Geico online and don’t need to visit an agent’s office. You can talk to an agent on the phone if you think it is necessary.

Many other companies provide car insurance plans specially designed for teen drivers. Please make it a point to conduct thorough research and become familiar with what car insurance is about before you make the purchase.