Top Saving Accounts of 2019

Top Saving Accounts of 2019

The primary purpose of a savings account is to help you grow and accumulate wealth. Many times, you would seek that you get a high-interest rate and also do not have to pay a hefty fee for the same.  Most banks most of the times charge very high fees and in return give lower interest rates and this is when the use of certain banks stands out of the rest. This article will provide you with an insight into such banks. You will also get valuable information on the top savings account of the banks in the United States.

First National Bank of Omaha

Minimum Balance: $0

APY: 3.15%

  • First National bank of Omaha is present majorly in the midwest including seven states of the United States.
  • An ideal bank concerning the minimum investment the bank requires to start your savings account.
  • The little price of one dollar for a minimum deposit is a great deal.
  • Along with this, you can also transfer money to your beloved family and friends for free.
  • If you want the best interest rates with a hassle-free and safe accounting experience, then this bank should be your ideal choice.

CIT Bank

Minimum Balance: $25k

APY: 2.45%

  • If you want to accumulate a good interest rate on your investment into your savings account, then this bank offers a good deal.
  • It has an impressive  APY to its credit.
  • To open this account, you need to have a minimum deposit of $100.
  •  The bank does not offer checking account so it is impossible to have a linkage between the two accounts.

American Express

Minimum Balance: $0

APY: 2.10%

  • Being a top-notch credit provider the saving account of American express offer an attractive APY.
  • There is no monthly fees and minimum balance requirements.
  • The bank does not offer any ATM card and checking account.
  • The account is FDIC insured, and thus you know that your money is in safe hands.

Ally Bank

Minimum Balance: $0

APY: 2.20%

  • Ally Bank is a trustworthy name in the banking sector.
  • For your convenience to keep all your banks under one umbrella, this bank does offer you checking accounts.
  • This also get you an ATM card to withdraw cash whenever needed.
  • The add on benefit is that this service is for free.
  • You have a smooth transfer process and the website is well built to suit your requirements in banking.
  • You are also getting good interest rates on the deposited wealth in the savings account.

Goldman Sachs Bank

Minimum Balance: $0

APY: 2.25%

  • The bank is a credible name in this industry and stands up to its reputation by providing you an impressive APY on your wealth in the savings account.
  • It stands by its simplicity, and you do not have a lot of processes to understand. It is a very straightforward procedure and does not ask for any fees as well.
  • You are not getting a very high-level banking experience but what you get is that with less interaction with the bank, you need to enjoy the good that you are getting good interest on your accumulated wealth in your savings account.

Salem Five Direct

Minimum Balance: $0

APY: 2.30%

Minimum Investment: $100

  • Salem Five Direct is the online account offered by Salem Five Cents Savings Account that is in banking business for more than 150 years.
  • The transfer limits are $5000 per transaction and $20,000 per month.
  • There are limitations to six withdrawals.