Top Bank of The West Credit Cards

Top Bank of The West Credit Cards

Bank of the West is a company that caters into financial services, and the headquarter is in San Francisco, California. The parent organization of the Bank of the West is BNP Paribas. It has various branches across the United States.

Financial services today are competing in the best offers on credit cards resulting in a plethora of options. Bank of the West has great cashback ranging from 1%-3%, based on the transactions made. The best part about this card is that each quarter your cashback is directly credited in your account, making it hassle-free and extremely convenient.

This article will give you an insight into the credit cards offered by this bank and the pros and cons associated with it. It will also give you the necessary information that you need to know before selecting the correct credit card for you.

Cash Back World Credit Card

You did not have to pay an annual fee for this credit card. The APR is also within the range of 18.24% to 25.24%, variable based on the credit score for promotional benefits of the card. Enjoy 0% APR for the first six months, and this is on all the purchases that you make.

Benefits of Bank of the West Cash Back World Credit Card

The Cash Back World Credit Card gives the user various rewards and benefits. Here are the following: –

  • You are going to receive 3% cashback on all the transactions that you make for groceries, dining, and gas.
  • Apart from this, anything and everything else that you buy from this west credit card give you an unlimited 1% cashback as well.
  • The cashback will be automatically credited each quarter as a statement credit in your account.
  • This card also protects you with this fraud monitoring 24/7 and also has test checking abilities.
  • If there are unauthorized transactions from this card, then the bank gives it user the benefit of zero liability for the same.
  • Receive an extended warranty for protection.
  • Have the facility to temporarily lock and then even unlock this card as per your requirement.

Platinum Credit Card

This card offers zero annual, and the APR is also reasonable with its value ranging from 17.24% to 25.24%, which is variable based on the credit score. The promotional scheme for this card is 0% APR as the introductory APR for six months on all the transactions that you make.

Benefits of Bank of the West Platinum Credit Card

This card entitles its user with various benefits, here are the following:-

  • With this card, you get a lower interest rate than many other west credit cards, and if you are carrying a balance, then this card turns out to be a perfect idea.
  • You are secured with fraud monitoring at all times and no stress for unauthorized transactions as the bank gifts you zero liability for the same with its secure suit.
  • It is easy to activate all the services that you require on your card and also order a replacement card if in case needed.
  • Set travel alerts in this card, with its management system online.

Secured Credit Card

Secured card comes with an annual fee owing to its higher grade of services. It requires $25 annual fees; it also has a settled APR which is of 23.24%.

Benefits of Bank of the West Secured Credit Card

  • To be eligible or to qualify for this west credit card, nor any credit history is required. No check or minimum requirement for credit score .
  • The price ranges from $300 to $12,000. This shows that such a meager amount will also give you a secured west credit card.
  • If you want to close the account at any time, you can do so. You also get the complete deposited amount back with interest.
  • This card entitles you for all the security packs as well to keep your card safe from theft and fraud.
  • With a less credit score, this card entitles the user with excellent benefits and overall security. It makes the card a viable option to choose.