Review of Lane Bryant Credit Card

Lane Bryant credit card

Lane Bryant is one of the famous retail brands dealing in plus-size clothing. If you are an avid shopper of clothes, intimates, and maternity wear at Lane Bryant, this top-notch plus-size retailer has something in store for you. Lane Bryant Credit Card will reward you with bonus points, good returns, and excellent saving opportunities. Each time you purchase at Lane Bryant through Lane Bryant Credit Card, you would earn points that are redeemable on your future purchase. That’s not all! Great discounts also wait for you along with an opportunity to open a savings account for your special occasions apart from other perks.

Terms & Fees

• Annual Fee: None
• APR: 28.24% Variable
• Interest-Free Period: Up to 25 days
• Late Payment Fee: Up to $38
• Returned Payment Fee: Up to $38
• Additional Cardholder Fee: $0

Quick Facts

• The minimum age for application is 18 years.
• The cardholders can either pay the complete balance each month or carry a balance with smaller payments due. The minimum payment amount per month is $27. Also, the card comes with a 25-day grace period, so users who pay each month entirely end up avoiding interest payments.
• You can have an automatic upgrade to Premier Status after an expenditure of $400.
• You can have an automatic upgrade to Platinum Status after spending $800.
• You are also eligible for 60 days of returns along with the receipt.

Earning the Rewards

• You must use Lane Bryant Credit Card at all the listed outlets and websites for all your purchases to earn points and avail promotional offers.
• Preferred Status members earn a maximum of $40 credit reward each month.
• Premier Status members earn up to $60 credit reward each month.
• Platinum Status members up to $80 a month credit reward each month.

Redeeming the Rewards

You can spend the rewards earned at any of the listed stores, both online and offline:

• Lane Bryant
• Lane Bryant Outlet
• Cacique

Benefits to Card Holders

• 2x rewards points: You get a reward worth $10 for every 400 points you receive by purchasing via your card. You get two points on every dollar spent through the Lane Bryant credit card.
• Status Based Rewards: The points awarded is the same for all the three-member status- Preferred, Premier and Platinum, but the reward vouchers differ in the ascending order of value along with discounted shipping. If an amount of $399 is spent, then the customer gets to enjoy the preferred advantages. The Premier tier is given to the customer who spends $400 to $799 in a calendar year and then the Platinum level to customers spending more than $800 in one calendar year.
• Extended returns: All the Cardholders have up to 60 days to return any purchased item, the condition being the receipt of the purchase shall be kept safely.
• Monthly Offers: Various offers are exclusively for the cardholders along with monthly reward benefits.
• No Annual Fee: You do not have to pay an annual fee to use your card to purchase from Lane Bryant.

The Lane Bryant credit card is store-only and not affiliated with Visa, Mastercard, or any other card networks. You can use the card only at stores and websites in the Lane Bryant family including Lane Bryant, Lane Bryant Outlet,, Cacique, and

Lane Bryant credit card login

Comenity Bank issues and manages Lane Bryant credit card accounts.
Owners of the Lane Bryant credit card can log in to the customer portal via Lane Bryant website and, once there, can update any personal information that has recently changed, manage their card, check balances, pay bills, and review the cardmember agreement.
Since the card is managed by Comenity Bank, the website can be accessed using the secured Comenity portal