Info on Pet Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions

Info on Pet Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions

Pet owners who consider their pets as an inseparable part of their family also take extra efforts for their health and well-being. This is the reason why pet insurance is the newest rage amongst many pet owners. However, pet insurance is not a new concept, but it is sort of reinvented these days with numerous pet owners opting for the same. Pet insurance works the same way as health insurance for humans, which means that it is the best assistance that you can get for various pet health conditions, surgeries, costly tests, and even organ transplants. Eligibility of your pet for the insurance plan is one issue that you need to understand as a pet owner. One such eligibility factor leads to a common query about the availability of insurance for any pre-existing condition in your pet.

If you make a comparison, you will come to know that the essential and eligibility factors differ according to insurance companies. Similar to human health insurance, pet insurance policies also contain various coverage plans, deductibles, and annual premium sums according to the plan that you select. Most of these insurance plans are based on age, species, the indoor or outdoor lifestyle, and the pre-existing conditions of the pet. You can start these policies as early as 6 to 8 weeks after birth, with no upper age limit.

Most of the good insurance companies don’t offer insurance for pre-existing pet health conditions, while some of them do allow insurance coverage if the health condition is under control/stable after a certain waiting period. This waiting period ranges from 3 months to a year. For convenience, these pre-existing conditions are divided into two practice groups, namely curable and incurable. Depending on the medical history of your pet, you can opt for the insurance plan from the desired firm in order to get the best insurance.

Curable Pre-Existing Conditions
Dog and cat insurance for pre-existing conditions is allowed for respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, bladder infections, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., and can be covered under most of the health insurance. These conditions are verified by the insurance firms and only then is the coverage allowed. However, any recurrence of these conditions is excluded for a year from the date of the last incident. The occurrence of these conditions after the stipulated time period automatically reinstates the coverage plan. For instance, if your cat contracts a respiratory infection due to the feline herpes virus three months prior to getting insured, it is a pre-existing condition. If he/she contracts it again within a year of being insured but this time it is not caused due to the feline herpes virus, then it will be covered.

Incurable Pre-Existing Conditions
Cat and dog insurance for pre-existing conditions like various kinds of skin allergies, food allergies, diabetes, kidney stone, any sort of orthopedic illness, skin lumps, lipoma, any type of cancer, incurable urinary tract diseases, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and all the other chronic medical conditions of pets are not allowed insurance coverage. Unlike the curable conditions, there is no waiting period allowed, and you cannot get an insurance for a pre-existing condition permanently. For instance, if a dog is diagnosed with any kind of cancer of any organ of the body, then that health condition is not allowed in the insurance coverage. However, make it a point to compare pet insurance quotes before selecting the best one for your pet.

Some insurance companies that you can check for their policies are Embrace pet insurance, Pet Plan, Premier pet insurance, Pet First, CareCredit, and Pets Best. If you want to attain maximum pet care, then you can get some wellness packages at various hospitals, pet insurance agencies with discount programs, some non profit humane organizations, etc as well. These places can definitely be of great help.