Finding Affordable Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Finding Affordable Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Till life persists, we are sure to endure troubles with our 32. Whether it is getting our wisdom(s) extracted, rooting out the canal, maxilofacial surgeries or denture implants; we have to land up in the dentist’s clinic whenever we are faced with dental issues. It is a wise decision to draw when you consider pursuing a dental insurance plan. If you are keen not to spend a penny on your dental care or dental emergencies, finding affordable full coverage dental insurance is meant for you. You have to understand how important it is to have a dental insurance that covers your needs and facilitates and your family’s requirements. A plan should be such that it has the potency to cover dental needs that are specific to your case. However one has to be very vigilant as to comprehend and choose which insurance plan is suitable to serve one’s unique needs.

What Is a Full Coverage Dental Insurance

A dental insurance is, in finality a term that can often be very deceiving. You must read the terms and conditions applicable on the specific policy before signing on the dotted line that you agree with the same. You must be well aware of the specific treatments your policy covers. While finding affordable full coverage dental insurance plans, beware of plans that spell, cheap full coverage dental insurance plans. One is bound to be strayed by the word cheap, however we fail to realize that the plan that has been considered as the best by you and the family as the deciding jury, is, in the actual a basic insurance coverage plan that may not look into covering your specific needs.

Adopting an Affordable Full Coverage Dental Insurance

There are essentially three elements that you must keep in mind while you are on your way to choose a dental insurance plan. You need to:

Prioritize Your Needs
It is to your advantage if you make a list of your needs that are specific to your case. What kind of coverage do you need? Is the first question, in this regard, that should be posed forth. Do you have to visit your concerned dentist on a regular basis, is it that you have to undergo treatments and tests, like fillings and X-rays on and off? If this is the case, then it would be beneficial for you to take up an afloat plan. If you want a plan that considers to cover your family members as well, then you need to adopt a dental insurance plan for your family members as well.

Understanding What ‘Full’ Coverage Means
Yes, as mentioned earlier on, in this post, it is a prerequisite that you check what all is covered in the plan. An affordable dental plan might necessarily mean that everything is covered in the plan. To confirm this, you need to read the plan with utmost scrutiny. If you have decided to go in for prolonged treatments such as orthodontic dental bonding, it is a must for you to check if the said treatment is included. If it is not, you may find yourself digging your pockets at the time of treatment.

Budget Is Important
Take your overall budget into consideration. Make sure that your limits do not exceed your said budget. There are certain plans that allow and thus cover a limited number of treatments in a year. With your budget in place you will be able to choose the right plan for yourself.

Affordable Dental Plans to Choose From

Here are some affordable dental plans that will aid you in planning your dental needs better than you can, if you choose a low-cost dental insurance plan for yourself.

Aetna Dental Coverage Plans
Aetna Dental Coverage Plan is a plan that is most affordable in nature. It is a value based coverage plan that provides you with optimum coverage. The premium that you pay according to your specific plan is also reliable, providing maximum coverage. The most prominent dental policies that are provided by Aetna are Dental care Reward Plan and DMO Access Plan.

Dental Care Reward Plan
This is one plan offered by Aetna that provides coverage for all the regular dental care procedures. Teeth cleaning, X-rays and check ups are included in the dental care procedures covered. This plan does not have any maximum limit. The amount of discounts that you receive each year from the plan, taking into consideration your dental policy and the procedures included, does not have an annual limit on the amount of discounts.

DMO Access Plan
This plan is one where the amount that has to be covered for a dental procedure is reduced. However, the premium that one has to pay is relatively higher, the amount you save during the emergency or planned procedure is reduced significantly. Also in this plan, there are no limits to the discounts you receive annually.

MetLife Dental Insurance Plans
This is one insurance plan that a majority trust and rely on. The MetLife insurance programs offered have been around since long. There are namely two programs that the Insurance Provider offers. The Dental HMO and the Preferred Dentist Program. The later plan is the providers central plan on offer. The Preferred Dentist Program is a plan in which the individual has the liberty to fix an appointment with any dentist in accordance to his preference. They derive specific on-document benefits for the treatment they undergo, however the scope of enjoying an increased number of on-document applies only when the client chooses to visit one amongst the list of dentists mentioned in the MetLife PPO Network.

MetLife also provides a Dental Health Maintenance Organization Plan abbreviated as DHMO, where you are entitled to visit a doctor within the network that has been set by the provider. However, the DHMO plan is offered by SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc. which comes under the MetLife company umbrella.

Patriot Plans
Patriot Plan is referred to as a reduced fee or discounted plan that can save a lot of your money. It is one of the most affordable full coverage dental insurance. It is an esteemed institute that covers 6,500 dental care providers as their experts. The individual dental coverage that they offer is on an average annual payment of $99. When we are considering family coverage, they offer an insurance coverage plan that offers approximately $150 annually.

For procedures like x-rays and teeth cleaning there is a 50% discount on the fee that is normally charged by the dentist. It also provides one periodic oral examination that is made free when it is administered by a dentist that is included in the network. Adult teeth cleaning, root canal procedures, application of sealants, fillings, dentures and single tooth extractions are some of the common procedures that are included in the policy. For Patriot Dental insurance plans the individual premium to be paid for common procedures like cleaning, root canals and fillings is charged at $7 and the family insurance for the above mentioned procedures is charged at $15.

Guardian Dental Insurance Plans
They are essentially plans that respect your budget and have arrangements to offer in terms of complete family coverage inclusive of orthodontic treatments in accordance to teeth alignments and smile corrections. The Guardian Insurance plans also offer PPO plans with a well spread network of dentists. This makes it very convenient for the individual to opt for a dentist of his choice and have the maximum number of monetary benefits on treatments. These plans takes the credit of introducing a plan referred to as the Maximum Rollover Plan. In this plan one has the freedom to carry forward the active amount not employed for any treatment during the annual year, to the forthcoming year. Besides these, the DentalGuard Basic and the DentalGuard Basic Plus are two plans that are dedicated to providing preventive cover or pre-treatment cover to the client in question.

Delta Dental Plans
Delta dental plans have on offer three different types of plans for individual and family insurance.

Dental PPO Plan
The Dental PPO plan (Preferred Provider Organization) is a plan in which you have to pay a portion of the service or procedure that have been conducted on you, the rest of the total sum is taken care of by the policy. In this way you would be able to pay lesser and will have an additional saving for the plan in question.

Another plan which is called the DHMO plan or the Dental Health Maintenance Organization is a form of prepaid plan. In this plan you need to choose one dentist to conduct all the procedures for you. It does not have any fixed limits or deductibles attached to it. Instead all you need to do is to pay a fixed sum, referred to as ‘copayment’ or it may be the case that you don’t have to pay anything at all for certain preventive procedures mentioned in the policy.

Free-for-Service Plan
The next plan that is the Free-for-Service plan or the indemnity plan is one where you need to pay a percentage of the total sum and the remaining is covered by the policy. The percentage that you pay depends on the type of coverage that you have chosen.

Finding affordable full coverage dental insurance is a necessity if you want your oral health to be maintained without any compromises. Remember that you need to ask questions to the concerned authority and get your doubts solved. After all, it is an insurance that you would be making a virtual investment for, to cover your dental care visits or emergencies.