Top Car Insurance Companies 2019

Car Insurance Companies 2019

Car insurance is an integral part of your daily life if you are a car owner. However, you do have to pay some significant amount to insure your car and of course, your life on the road but then, in the end, this becomes a blessing in disguise. This is because at time unwanted expenses incurring due to road accidents, car break up, or any similar off-putting experiences on the road can take you high on extracting a huge amount from your pocket.

Now, the second most important aspect is choosing the best car insurance. This becomes a challenge because there are several auto insurance companies prevailing in US with different companies ruling different states in the country. All give you promises through commercials that attract your interest and captions that sound inspiring but it is on you to understand whether the promises are true or fake. The best way to disclose the true picture is to go through the reviews of these insurance providing companies and have a look at the rate of customer satisfaction and their respective complaints frequency.

Here are the top 3 car insurance companies listed on the basis of our understanding of their customer reviews. However, you can certainly keep into consideration various other smaller insurers and compare those in person for your personal assurance.

Nationwide Car Insurance

Nationwide is one of the most widely preferred auto insurance companies in the US with a ranking in the JD Power Rating and in the report of National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The policy covers the following:

• Body Injury Liability
• Property Damage
• Personal injury protection to keep you covered in case of an accident
• Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
• Medical Payments
• Towing and Labor Coverage
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Collision Coverage
• Rental Expenses
• Gap Coverage

Some of the important features of the insurance are:

SmartRide: Nationwide plugs a smart device into the port of your car to study driving behavior and track your mileage. The same data they use to offer you discounts on your insurance purchase.
Accident Forgiveness: Nationwide gives you one chance for the first minor accident or a driving violation and does not increase the rate.
Roadside Assistance: You get round the clock emergency assistance if your car breaks down or gets stuck at any point on the road.
Vanishing Deductible: This optional program allows you to reduce your deductible by $100 to a reduction that goes up to a $500 for safe driving.
Total Loss Deductible Waiver: You can waive off your deductible in case of a complete loss of your car.

The Hartford Auto Insurance

The Hartford is insurance benefits to its members in partnership with AARP. The company takes pride in its high customer service and ratings. However, the insurance provider tailors the policy only for drivers above 50 with a good rating from JD Power Rating and National Association of Insurance commissioners. The policy covers the following:

• Collision
• Medical Payments
• Auto Glass
• Bodily Injury
• No-Fault
• Comprehensive
• Towing
• Property Damage Liability
• Rental Car Expense
• Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury
• Uninsured Motorist Property Damage

Some of the exciting features of the insurance include:

Lifetime Renewability: The insurance company would not deny any kind of coverage unless and until you are paying your premiums on time and you behold a valid driving license.
Recover Care: If you are unable to cook, clean your own house, or drive a car after an injury in a car accident, the company covers the cost of cleaning, cooking, transportation, and various similar daily essentials. However, this applies only if any health insurance company does not cover the injury.
Lifetime Car Repair Assurance: If you put your car on servicing at an authorized repair shop, the car looks for the repair until the level of complete assurance as long you own the car or even lease.
First Accident Forgiveness: The insurance company would not increase your premium after your first accident under this optional feature. However, to avail this offer you need to have a clean driving record in the past 5 years.
Disappearing Deductible: Every year the company reduces your deductible to $50 if you maintain a clean driving record year after year. This way the deductible reaches $0 after a couple of years and then completely disappears.
One Deductible: If you complain about the loss of two vehicles, both insured by Hartford, then you have to pay the deductible only for one vehicle, the one that is higher and the other deductible the company waives off.

Travelers Car Insurance

Travelers is a highly reputed auto insurance company offering the most enduring policies. JD Power Ratings and National Association of Insurance Commissioners have honored the provider for customer service, claims satisfaction and policy features. The insurance covers the following:

• Liability Coverage
• Comprehensive Coverage
• Collision Coverage
• Personal Injury Protection
• Medical Payments
• Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Some of the most exciting features of Travelers include:

Gap Insurance: The feature protects your loan or lease if your vehicle is totaled before the loan or lease gets over.
Ridesharing Insurance: This feature is available only in Illinois and Colorado especially tailored for drivers who ride their cars for various companies like Uber or Lyft. Under the scenario, the company provides the coverage for the time when a passenger is seated in the car from the time of pick up until the time of drop off.
IntelliDrive: This intelligent app is put to use by the company to track the driving behavior of the driver and the duration for which the car is on road. The app tracks a specific car for about 90 days and then the company takes the decision on discounts and insurance amount.
Premier New Car Replacement: You can easily replace your car using the coverage if your car has been on road for less than 5 years. You can have maximum coverage and repair coverage with a lower deductible if you plan to exchange your car.
Travelers’ Responsible Driver Program: This benefits you to protect your rates from increasing after one accident or one minor violation. However, one chance is forgiven and thereafter you need to withstand a clean driving record.
Umbrella Insurance Coverage: This is a significant addition to any auto insurance to earn the benefit of extended personal liability protection and increased peace of mind when on the road. The feature covers liability coverage ranging from $1 million to $10 million for increased protection of your car and other valuable assets like home.