The Best Way to Invest in Silver

Best Way to Invest in Silver

All that glitters is not gold is an extremely overused and cliched phrase. Let’s tweak it a little bit. All that glitter is not silver, either. Best Way to Invest in Silver, indeed, is the most sought-after for investment purposes after gold. There are obvious reasons for that. The most fundamental is that it is a precious metal and the value increases simultaneously with gold. There are many ways in which you can invest in it; you need to pick one, which fits the bill for your requirements.


There are a number of alternatives to choose from when investing in silver. Take a look at the following methods:

Get Fiscal Through Physical
The best way is to possess it in the physical form, i.e., in the form of bars, coins, and rounds. This is the very basic form of investment in general. Bars are available in several sizes of troy ounces, weighing typically in the range of 10 to 1000 ounces. Likewise, coins too come in many shapes and sizes, normally issued by a government or private enterprises. These can either be bought as collectible or for investment purposes. Rounds, another common method, are in the form of a single troy ounce of .999 silver. They are very easily available all over the world.

Trade and Exchange
Dealing with the Silver Trust and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a good choice for those who prefer speculating about short-term price movements. The reason being the metal’s volatility in the market and long-term investment involved in buying physical metal. Now, ETF is an option to consider because it allows a person to trade a silver fund similar to stocks. Not only that, it also tracks the price of this metal and is reasonably reliable. Although if you speculate with ETF, the price value, unless it is in really large amounts, cannot be redeemed in the form of the metal. But, this is a good option if an individual is not looking for long-term investment.

Silver Receipts
Purchased on the Community Exchange (COMEX), these are derivatives in the form of futures and options. The COMEX is a subsidiary of the New York Mercantile Exchange. It has tangible silver bullion for investors. Here, each certificate has a value in correspondence with the current market price of this metal. For instance, it will tell you the correct 925 silver price per gram.

Another way, a traditional one though, is through possessing shares and stocks of a silver mining company. This is a preferred method for some investors, but there are a few risks involved in it. Mining, typically, is an expensive and risky enterprise, and further, mining companies are subject to a number of factors, which are not dependent on the price of the metal produced. The good news is that the stocks of companies usually have a positive reaction to an increase in the price of this metal.

Digital Certificates
If you do not actually want to deal with this metal, go for silver certificates and digital silver currency. Although this form may not be actually very good, as these used to be issued in the past. The modern economic policy in the US does not support the distribution of precious metals in this form.

You can also give a thought to silver futures. This market is mostly meant for advanced traders. These contracts have a time frame and are large and expensive. A relatively short-term investment method, but when executed properly, it is a precise way to know about its prices. Thus, all in all, all these methods can prove to be lucrative. However, it is advisable that you research enough regarding the market condition and investments in general beforehand.