Macy’s Credit Card Review

Macy’s Credit Card Review is what takes you to an insight into everything you need to know about the credit card.

Macy’s is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most loved departmental stores in the history of the United States. Those who love shopping at Macy’s know about all the discount seasons and feel a sense of happiness while rushing to the discount counters in the store. However, if you are a frequent shopper at this departmental store and want access to regular discounts and offers, you can consider registering for the Macy’s Credit Card review.

Now, there are two types of credit card that Macy’s offer to its customers:

  • Macy’s Store Credit Card: Macy’s Store Credit Card can be used only for the in-store purchases, allows you to have access to different offers, and discounts which you will not be eligible for if you are not a cardholder. You begin with the basic level, that is, silver card and can grow your score up to the gold card and then platinum card. However, there is no reward on purchases on any of these cards except for the Platinum card which provides you 5% back in rewards on every purchase. This card comes with zero annual fees, and your status gets upgraded as you spend more using it and make the payments in time.
  • Macy’s American Express Credit Card: Macy’s American Express Credit Card offers you to save 20% for the first two days on all your purchases after you purchase the card for a total saving amount of up to $100. Macy’s Credit Card review also sends its cardholders Star Passes that allow you to choose a day where you will get a 25% discount on all your purchases from the Macy’s Credit Card review. It is a co-branded American Express card, and you can use it at any place where American Express credit cards are accepted. This card offers you to collect 5 points for every dollar spent on the purchases, and once you accumulate 1,000 reward points, you get $10 in Star Money.

Terms & Fees of Macy’s Credit Card

  • Annual Fees: $0
  • Regular APR: 27.49% Variable
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: $0

Quick Facts

  • You get access to star money days, wherein you can choose days in the year of your choice when you will get a discount of 25% on all your purchases
  • The gold and platinum cardholders get free shipping on all their orders with no minimum purchase limit
  • The platinum cardholders get 5% cashback reward on all their purchases using the card
  • You will be eligible to receive the birthday surprises from the day every year
  • You can get these cards with a decent credit score also, that is, 650+

Earning the Rewards of Macy’s Credit Card

  • You will earn 1,000 points for every dollar you will spend on Star Money Days
  • You will be eligible for extra money savings at the checkouts
  • You will receive a birthday surprise every year
  • Silver cardholders get 3, gold cardholders get 6 and platinum cardholders to get 12 Star Passes in a year
  • If you enroll for Thanks for Sharing Program which costs $25 per year, you will get 10% cash back rewards on eligible purchases at Macy’s and
  • For those of you getting married, you can enroll for Registry Star Rewards Program and enjoy 10% cash back rewards for all the purchases that you will make until your wedding day

Benefits of Macy’s Credit Card to the Card Holders

Whether you are a basic cardholder or a premium one, you can get various benefits for your shopping at Macy’s Credit Card review, which includes:

  • Access to Annual Star Passes and Star Money Days
  • Eligibility for Registry Star Rewards Program for those getting married
  • Access to member-only regular discounts and offers
  • Free shipping on orders from for all the gold and platinum cardholders
  • Macy’s American Express Credit Cardholders get 3X reward points for every dollar spent at restaurants, 2X points for every dollar spent at gas stations and grocery stores and 1X reward point for all the other purchases


Though the perks offered with the Macy’s Credit Card Review are paltry, you can consider applying for the in-store card if you frequently shop at Macy’s or and are looking for a credit card that you can get at a lower credit score also to improve your score for future.