Leasing Agent Salary

Leasing Agent Salary

Leasing agents perform an important task in the real estate market. The growing leasing agent salary reveals the growing demand for these professionals. They are professionals who help to fix deals between homeowners or landowners and the people wishing to take up the properties on lease. Lessees need properties for a long lease at affordable payment options and they too, approach leasing agents for getting the desired properties fast. Apart from this, there are several aspects of the leasing agent job description which we should know. Let us discuss them one after the other in the next section.

Job Description

A leasing agent should have connections in the real estate market, as he needs to find suitable lessees for property owners. This requires them to travel in different parts of the city and also outside the city in search of potential clients. The leasing agents need to understand the requirements of the lessees and help them find suitable rental properties. They need to discuss with them about their budget and the kind of property they wish to avail on lease. Leasing agents help property owners get the best amount and use their experience in the field to get high net worth clients.

Apart from these services, the leasing agent salary also checks whether the lessees do not have a criminal past record and help property owners get the right people. They conduct checks on people which helps them to arrive at conclusions on who would be the right client for the property. Leasing agents also play an important role in completing the paperwork and legal formalities related to the deal. In return of these services they charge money from clients who approach them with their property needs.

Leasing agents either work as independent professionals or work in a private firm. Most leasing agents, after working in a firm for few years, think of setting up their own property consulting business. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to convince people, knowledge of real estate marketing along with the latest happenings in the real estate field are some qualities which are a must for a leasing agent. The average salary of a leasing agent depends on various factors.

Salary Range

The salary largely depends on his experience and contacts. The more the number of deals executed by him successfully, the more would be his total income. So there is no upper limit as such for the income of a leasing agent salary. The leasing agents who help give prime properties, or expensive ones, on lease for rich clients will be earning more money than those who deal with smaller properties. There is a big difference in the salary figured in top metropolitan cities and rural areas. The leasing agents working as independent professionals will have to struggle a lot in their careers. However, with the passage of time, they will be able to get good clients and earn more money.

The average salary is believed to be around $47,000 per year. Many of them get paid on an hourly basis and the hourly pay rates for them can be between $10.1 to $13.2. Apart from the normal fixed salary, the leasing agent salary can also earn attractive bonuses, perks, and overtime benefits.

Hopefully, this article on leasing agent salary and job description of a leasing agent will help you to know this profession well. So, think over this career option and opt for it if you like the work. Good luck!