Credit Card Login Online Security

Credit Card login – online security

Online accounts make it simple and easy to manage your credit card accounts from almost anywhere.
Credit card companies provide you with a variety of security measures and safeguards designed to keep you protected online.
They have a regular program of monitoring their systems for vulnerabilities and continually take precautions to make sure that your identity, data are protected.
Add an extra layer of protection to your online experience by taking some common-sense steps to help protect yourself
Your credit card company emails will never ask you to provide any confidential or personal information such as your Credit card ATM PIN or Social Security number.
If you receive an email appearing to be from credit card company and ends up in a spam/junk folder, do not open the email.
Ensure you’re on the real credit card company website before you sign in.
Do not type in your credit card login information unless you see a lock icon in the URL bar.
The lock means that the website you’re using is encrypted so that even if someone is watching your browsing on a public network, won’t be able to see your password.
Using the above common sense approach will prevent attackers from stealing your credit card login credentials when you log into an unencrypted website.

Credit Card Login – Secured website

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