Being in the US as a European citizen, trying to open an account in Europe

I am currently in the US, as a European citizen, but planning to travel to Europe soon. I am looking to open an account in Europe before leaving the US, so I can wire some money before I leave the US to a European account.

HSBC is the only one which could help, but they require some kind of reason for the European account. Seems like they only accept things like, I have a new job there, I have a property there, I married a EU citizen, etc.
France would be the best (my relatives live in Hungary, but there is no HSBC in Hungary), because Global view and Global transfer works with French accounts.


  1. Does anybody know if HSBC international department will accept any other reason, like “I would like to move there”.
  2. Can I ask my relatives to go to France, rent a property there(in my name), and say that I have an address in France, and I am moving there, because my “family lives there”.
  3. Or, I have a relative here in the US, who works for DELL, should I provide his US number and ask him to talk to them and tell them about me that “I work for DELL in the US, and now they offered me to transfer my position to DELL in France, and I will accept it, but I need an account in France”
  4. Any other idea that the HSBC international department would accept?

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