Review of Xoom Online Money Transfer

Review of Xoom Online Money Transfer

Xoom is a PayPal owned web-based money transferring platform that lets the people in the United States and Canada to transfer money to more than 130 countries around the world along with the option to pay utility bills and reload their cell phones abroad.

You can sign up for a Xoom Online Money Transfer account through their website, mobile web or exclusive app, and integrate your bank account, credit card or debit card to make payments and carry out the transactions. If you are sending money to an individual, then you can get it transferred directly to their bank account, or have it delivered or air-time dropped depending on the country you are sending the money.

Xoom also allows you to pay the utility bills directly through your account transfer currently in 10 participating countries. These countries include Colombia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Vietnam, and Honduras.

The best thing about the Xoom Online Money Transfer website is that it is available in different languages. These languages include English, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese. This in turn makes it easier for people of different dialects to use it with ease and carry out their transactions. Also, you are kept updated about the status of your transfers through push-up notifications and messages.

Also, since most of the person-to-person transferring platforms and apps have US only operations, Xoom Online Money Transfer becomes a handy option.  A good option for those who have family and friends abroad or need to pay for their bills in other countries.

Xoom Fees & Exchange Rate

The amount of cash transfer fee is quite variable on Xoom and depends directly on the three factors – how much money you are transferring, which method are you choosing for the recipient to get the money and which country are you sending the money. You can find a transfer fee calculator on both websites and apps of Xoom Online Money Transfer that can help you calculate the fee that you will have to incur with ease.

However, it is recommended to transfer the money using the bank account as that is the cheapest model available. Its cost varies typically from $0 to $4.99. But when you transfer using the credit or debit card, the fee that you pay for transaction increases as the amount of your transferred money goes up. For instance, if you are transferring $1,000 using your credit or debit card then the transaction fee levied will be $24.99. However, when the amount of your transfer increases to, say, $10,000, your transaction fee amount will also increase to $75.99.

The other aspect of your cost will be depending on the currency exchange rate. Moreover, you can also calculate that using the transfer fee calculator.

How Xoom Works?

Here is a short guide to getting you started with using Xoom Online Money Transfer:

  • Visit Xoom’s website or download its official app available for both Android and iOs
  • Sign up to create a new user account by filling in your necessary details
  • Enter details of the recipient of money
  • Enter your bank or credit/debit card details
  • Pay the fee as per the transfer fee calculator

Once you are done with these steps, Xoom Online Money Transfer converts the currency for the recipient and sends it through your chosen pay-out method.

Payment Limits for transferring money through Xoom

You are allowed to transfer up to the amount of $2,999 per day using Xoom. There is also a limit that your total transfer amount during the month cannot exceed $6,000 per month and $9,999 for six months.

However, you can increase these limits by submitting the following documents at the Xoom Online Money Transfer platform:

  • ID (driving license, passport)
  • Proof of Income (pay slip)
  • Bank Statement

Pros & Cons of Xoom


  • Reliable network of cash delivering options and pick-up options at some of the participating countries like Philippines and Mexico
  • There are large numbers of transfer options available particularly for Latin America residents
  • The transferring speed is quite fast as compared to other modes
  • The customer service is quite prompt and available 24/7 for all the assistance required


  • Available only for the people residing in the United States and Canada
  • No transparency in the procedure followed to calculate the exchange rate
  • Total fees and costs are higher compared to competitors
  • Xoom for Transfer of Money to India
  • Xoom provides the option to transfer money to most of the major bank accounts in India within lesser time as compared to other modes, with a guarantee of full payment refund in case the money does not reach the recipient.
  • Besides if the transferring amount is more than $1,000, then no transfer fee will be charged.