Review of Personal Loans

Peek into the character and significance of, and you will understand its credibility and dignity in the digital financial sector preoccupied with disheartened and distressed consumers experiencing economic or monetary emergencies. The accepted loan amount varies from person to person based on various financial parameters used for considering the eligibility of a borrower. However, the website is user-friendly and the process flawless with an assurance to benefit maximum consumers during their times of financial crisis.

Types of Loans offered by

Different companies have distinctive criteria for governing the concept of assigning loans. Moreover, different states have their own set of laws and regulations for all financial transactions taking place amidst the cities of the state. does off the following types of loans, but the availability may differ from state to state:

• Peer-to-Peer Loans: connects you with lenders who are keen to invest in a loan. This has a minimum income requirement of $2,000 and a minimum credit score requirement of 600.
• Installment Loans: connects you with lenders who are keen to offer investors as short-term loan options that fragment into installments. This has a minimum income requirement of $2,000 and a minimum credit score requirement of 580.
• Bank Personal Loan: connects you with lenders, but you need to have a minimum income requirement of $3,000 and a minimum credit score requirement of 580.

Rates and Terms

• Loan Amount: $500 to $35,000
• Interest Rate: 5.99% to 35.99%
• Loan Term: 3 to 72 Months
• Funding Time: 1 to 4 days
• Origination Fee: 1 to 5%


• This unsecured loan is not associated with any guarantee against property.
• There is a large network of loans ranging of $1,000 to 35,000 with a full option of selection.
• There is a fixed monthly term for repayment that stays the same throughout the loan tenure.
• There is no prepayment fee, and as a responsible borrower, you can pay off your loan amount along with interest before the expiry of the loan period.
• Loan decision and funding is fast.

Requirements for Eligibility

Different requirements are set for varied types of loans offered by However, the standard eligibility requirements to get loans from the lenders associated with the website are as follows:

• You should have a minimum credit score of 580 for installment and bank loans whereas 600 for peer-to-peer loans
• You should be a permanent resident or US citizen
• Your minimum age when applying for the loan should be 18 years
• You should have a valid and active bank account
• You should not have any bankruptcies, as debts increasing your income or any similar irresponsible activities in your recent financial history

Pros and Cons of


Some of the key advantages of applying for a loan from are:

• The best online tool for availing different categories of loan featured with a process that is straightforward with easy to follow guidelines.
• The website is secured with high-end safety measures and initiatives taken into serious consideration for flawless operations in the online business world.
• is a member of ‘Online Lender’s Alliance’ (OLA) and delivers an assurance of transparent and honest practices.
• The website does not lead to any misleading information or profile details and conforms to all rules and regulations set by the state government.
• It offers flexible terms and a significant variation of the loan amount for ease of consumers.


In addition to the ample benefits, there are some disadvantages of going through These disadvantages include:

• There is a possibility that you have to make payments twice a month depending on your pay schedule assigned at the time of approving your application.
• Of course, not every website or every finance company can connect to all lenders available in the defined state or sector. However, this limits the choice, and you may get a better deal with other lenders not registered at
• For any issues or disagreement with the lender after the application is approved, you have to connect with the lender directly. In this case, will not act to resolve your issue because this online tool is a bridge to connect you and further proceedings are taken into considerations between you and the lender.

When talking about online personal loans, there is no doubt that is a tremendous option to obtain the required funds without pressurizing yourself to visit banks and connect with various financial institutions. Additionally, one application is sent across to multiple lenders through the website makes the process easy and stress-free. However, the final decision is yours after you analyze all the parameters of online personal loans.