Review of Gamestop Credit Card

Gamestop Credit Card

Gamestop Credit Card: Many retail stores provide loyalty reward credit cards to all their regular customers but in the niche of gaming, GameStop was the first one to launch such a card. In the initial stages, this credit card, the card received many mixed reviews and feedbacks from the customers and but later it started doing wonders in all spheres. The parents were worried that this would lure the children more and ultimately increase their debts, and the high APR interest rate did not help their concerns much.

However, its policy that makes only those over the age of 18 years eligible to apply for the card gave some relief to the parents. Now, if you are a regular at GameStop and have been doubtful about subscribing for their credit card then our review will help you reach a decision.

Terms & Fees

• Annual Fee: $0
• Purchase APR: 28.74% Variable
• Cash Advance APR: 27.99% Variable
• Foreign Transaction Fee: 0%
• Balance APR: Not Offered
• Late Fee: Up to $38
• Return Payment Fee: None

Quick Facts

• It is a GameStop exclusive card and cannot be used anywhere else
• You can get it even if you have a fair or limited credit score
• It has no ongoing reward system

Earning the Rewards

• The rewards that the cardholders earn are completely dependent on the level of GameStop PowerUp Rewards program that you belong to. There are two versions of the rewards program – Basic and Pro.
• As a basic member, you will earn a sign-up bonus of 5,000 points and 10 points for every dollar spent, while as a pro member, you will earn a sign-up bonus of 15,000 points and double the points than the basic member. The pro members get a monthly magazine subscription and discount offers on selected merchandise.

• Additionally, all the cardholders get some member-only discount offers at the store and 5,000 points on spending $250 annually using the card.
• However, unlike basic membership that is free, you will have to pay an amount of $14.99 as a registration fee.

Redeeming the Rewards

• You can redeem the points earned with your purchases through this GameStop credit card at the GameStop online as well as physical stores. You can get gaming gears, discounts, exclusive collectibles, and other things from their rewards catalog. However, the value of the points will vary a bit for every item in the catalog.
• You might also be offered a deferred-interest plan at some point, but that will only be applicable if you pay off your bill until the promotional offer is valid.

Benefits to Cardholders

• Credit Score Requirement – Since you do not need a high credit score to apply for this card, it is a great option if you are just looking for a card that would help you improve your credit score.
• Regular Rewards – It offers quite a generous reward system with 10 points for every dollar spent, and since games are generally costly, you can accumulate a lot of points on every purchase made.
• No Annual Fee – You can truly use all your GameStop credit card in getting the benefits and making more purchases from the store, rather than having to worry about the unnecessary dues at the end of each year.

• Bonus Rewards – You get a whopping 5,000 points credit in your card on making the first purchase, with no minimum restriction. These are certainly a lot of points for you to benefit from while making subsequent purchases.
• No Over Limit Fee – If you are not used to the GameStop credit card or find it hard to keep a record of your spending, you really do not need to worry about going above your card limit, as there are no extra charges for that.


This would be a beneficial credit card for you if you are either looking to begin your credit card journey or you are a regular at GameStop. However, in the latter case it is recommended that you go for the Pro membership as it has many more benefits with just a onetime charge of $14.99.