Paid credit card bill, but money didn't leave my checking account

I paid my CC bill last Friday morning. The payment appeared in my CC account that same day. But now, 3 days later, the money still hasn’t left my checking account (which is in a different bank).

I did verify that I used that checking account for payment. I also checked that the transaction is not marked as “pending”. Should I call the bank, or should I wait? Both banks mentioned are in the U.S.

3 thoughts on “Paid credit card bill, but money didn't leave my checking account

  1. Jon Hall

    This is normal for credit cards.

    As long as you make the credit card company’s cutoff time, they will make the funds available on your credit card rather than make you wait for them to actually get the funds from your bank. The amount of time this takes actually can vary significantly from bank to bank.

    You do want to make sure funds are available in your bank account for them to withdraw when they do take them though. If not, the payment would get returned and can set red flags on your credit card account that take a while to drop off.

  2. Michael

    You probably don’t need to call the bank. Today is Sunday, so three days ago was probably Friday (or Thursday depending on how you count the days). Banks normally don’t post transactions on weekends – and transactions that do happen on the weekend sometimes don’t get posted until Tuesday. I would give it till Tuesday and then call them if you still don’t see it show up on your account.

  3. Nate Eldredge

    The fact that your credit card has seen the payment is strong evidence that the transaction did in fact take place. But it’s not unusual for there to be a delay of one or two business days before transactions show up in your online banking records. Saturday and Sunday are not business days.

    I bet you will see it on Monday. If it’s not there by Tuesday, you could call the bank.

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