How to Improve Curb Appeal

Improve Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of a property lies in the total appearance of its exterior, which include the porch and walls, gardens, landscapes, and even the fences. Curb appeal is something that is concentrated on, not only for residential, but also for commercial constructions. The concept was introduced to decorate the exterior of a property either to attract potential buyers or simply to improve the visual appeal of the construction.

Well, all of us love to decorate our homes with colorful walls, matching curtains, stylish furniture and complementing accessories. But how can one decorate only the interiors of the house, leaving the exteriors unpainted or unmaintained? Therefore, improving the exteriors of a house is equally important as the interiors, to make it attractive for people.

Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

Even though the improve curb appeal is limited to make only the exteriors of any property look attractive, there are many ways to do this. The outdoors of any house on the ground floor has various surroundings such as trees, soil, space and fences that can be worked on and improved. Therefore, you need to chalk out a plan and decide a budget. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in decorating the outdoors of your home, as curb appeal can be improved in the simplest of ways. There are a few ideas mentioned in the paragraphs below, which you can use as desired for your homes. Pick your favorites!

Painting and Polishing
Like the interior walls in the house, the exterior walls too need to be painted and color coordinated. The most basic tip is to clean, wash and paint the outer walls of the house. If you have a fence, you could repaint that as well, to add uniformity in your outdoors. Using neutral or dark colors are usually advised, because they are subjected to changing weather conditions and the paint can run off. Therefore, you can choose colors like gray, rust red, brown, royal violet, dark blue, dark green, etc., with either white or black windows. The fence can be painted white or black too, depending on what color matches the house.

Porches and Decks
Another addition to your home could be a porch or a deck to create a sitting area. Depending on the area surrounding the house, you can decide how to accommodate the porch and manage to make it look spacious. Porches usually have a roof, so an extension from the main wall to create a small platform or sitting area can make the house look traditional and homely. Similarly, decks are also a great idea if you have a swimming pool or a fireplace. Wooden, stone or even concrete decks along with a center table and chairs neatly placed around it would surely catch an eye.

Gardens and Patios
When you have more space outdoors than you need or use, one of the best solutions is to transform it into a garden. Flower beds, vegetable gardens, ornamental plants, walkways, fountains, lawns, edges, benches, etc., are some of the things to incorporate in a garden. Even though gardens/landscapes need maintenance and a lot of care, the improve curb appeal that is brought is surely worth the efforts.

Patios, on the other hand, are a two in one investment, where you get a brilliant garden and a comfortable sitting area. You can have a barbecue, furniture, fireplace, potted plants, small corner fountains, etc., on the patio depending on the space. This is surely a great way of improve curb appeal of your home.

When you have an area which belongs to you, the best way to claim it is to build a fence around it. This gives you an idea of how much space you can use toimprove curb appeal and in which way! You can decide the elements of decoration that you would like to use in your exteriors (from the ones mentioned above) with the help of a fence. It would also help you to make a partition between your neighbor’s property and yours. Fences can be made attractive as well, with various fencing ideas. Wooden, wrought iron, hedges, stone or chain-link fences with plants growing on them adds that attractive touch to your outdoors.

I am sure you have found out what your home needs! Well, pick the best ideas and make heads turn.