How to Buy Health Insurance

The dictum “health is wealth” rightly conveys the importance of staying fit. However, in today’s times, staying healthy is as important as buying a health insurance. This is because health care services are very costly. People who are admitted in the hospital just for a few days, find themselves struggling to pay the hospital charges. With hospital costs increasing day-by-day, it is very important to have a health insurance.

A health insurance offered by a company pays all your medical expenses. In order to buy health coverage, you need to pay some amount to the company every month. This amount that is paid by the policy holder is known as the premium. A health insurance policy is a legal contract between the individual and the insurance company that can be renewed by paying the premium annually or monthly. Here are some guidelines on how to purchase a health insurance.

Firstly, decide whether you require an individual policy or a policy for your family. Before buying an insurance, check whether you are already insured by your employer. Many corporate offices collaborate with medical insurance providers and offer a health insurance plan for their employees. Premium payments are deducted automatically from your monthly salary. In case you are a student, then your University may offer insurance and you may be asked to pay for the premium along with your fees.

There are a number of health insurance companies that provide medical care plans catering to individual budgets. Most of these companies have their own websites. Go online, visit their websites and check for medical insurance plans that you find affordable. Choose a plan that provides maximum health coverage within your budget. In case, you require temporary coverage, a cheaper option would be to select a short-term plan. Every company has different policies and regulations for buying a health insurance. Compare policies that different companies offer to their customers.

You can also consult an insurance agent to know about the different medical insurance plans. He can definitely assist you in choosing the best plan that suits your budget. Just check the ‘health insurance’ section in the Yellow pages and you can contact these insurance agents.

If you are selecting the Preferred Provider Plan (PPO), then you are required to choose doctors who will offer their health care services, when needed. In such a situation, you need to select a specialized doctor who can address your medical problems.

Many opt for the ‘fee for service’ plan, however, this medical insurance plan has a high premium which can be a burden on your monthly income.

In case you are not able to find a suitable plan, check whether a government program offers any health care service for people with lower-income.

Before choosing any insurance plan you need to consider certain important factors that are listed below:

  • Number of doctor visits allowed in a year.
  • What prescription drugs are covered under the plan? There are some plans that do not cover medications for pre-existing disorders.
  • In case you have children, find out if regular check-ups are covered.
  • Does the plan provide maternity benefits? Any pre-existing condition like pregnancy or even diabetes, can greatly decrease your chances of buying a health insurance.
  • Be well aware of the health coverage limit provided by the plan. For instance, an affordable plan that covers only a small portion of your hospital charges is not worth buying.
  • Be cautious with lower cost plans. Even though these plans charge affordable premiums, they may have higher deductibles.

An insurance coverage that caters your budget is the need of the hour and one simply cannot ignore its importance. A medical emergency without any health coverage can simply drain all your life savings. So it would be wise to have a health insurance.