Genesis Bank Credit Card

Genesis Bank Credit Card

Deciding a credit card is an important process for an individual. We look at various factors before deciding the best credit card for ourselves. Then read through the rates and fees to compare it with different cards. Further to that, we try to analyse the rewards and benefits that we get from one card with many other cards.

If Genesis bank credit cards have struck your mind and you are planning to compare the best one for yourself, then this quick read will be of great benefit to you. All the cards by Genesis bank  listed here, are with the rates, fees and all the major highlights with its rewards and benefits.  A quick read will enable you to decide the best card as per your needs and use for your daily routine.

Indigo Mastercard

  • This card is especially for those individuals who want to improve their credit score.
  • There is 24.9% fixed regular APR on this card. It will help to build credit score.
  • There is an option that is the design of the card that can be customized design for free.
  • This is an unsecured credit card and there is no requirement of security deposit.
  • There is online servicing available for this card, 24/7 and mobile account can be accessed anytime.

Indigo Platinum Credit Card

  • This card has a fair to good range of credit score required.
  • It does not often ask any cash back or miles and even points, making this an unviable card for those looking for good discounts and benefits in their card.
  • The fixed regular APR is 24.9%.
  • If there is the bankruptcy situation earlier, then this card is a good one because you can get it with such history as well.
  • There is online access for free and it is also mobile friendly.
  • Accepted in more than 35 million locations throughout the world, making it a good travel card.
  • Has complete protection from fraud, especially when your card is stolen.

Indigo Unsecured Mastercard

  • This card again does not give you any cash back or rewards or points as well. So this makes it a very unfavorable card for those were looking for good discounts and benefits.
  • Requires a fair to good range of credit score and it also has a fixed APR of 24.9%.
  • Yet again being an unsecured credit card, it does not require any security deposit.
  • The card design is viable to be fitting your personality and that too without any extra charge.
  • If there has been a bankruptcy even then this card is possible to be taken, owing to its higher APR as well.
  • This is an accepted nationwide credit card.

Milestone Gold Mastercard

  • This card again has one of the best features of customization and that too for free.
  • It does ask for a regular APR of 24.9%, but this comes with a cost that you are easily accessible to this card with previous bankruptcy situation as well.
  • Accepted throughout many locations in the world making it a good international card to be accessed.
  • Protection from fraud as well and there is no impact on your credit score.
  • This card is one which has faster no hassle availability.
  • Does not give us cash back, rewards or points, something that we thoroughly enjoy.
  • But considering the benefit with a fair to good range of credit score this is the good card.

Milestone Mastercard

  • This card also requires a fair to good credit score and indirectly we come to a point where we understand that this card is going to have a higher APR, which is again 24.9%.
  • Considering that this card can be designed to fit our personality at no extra charge, this is one thing that can be pretty lucrative.
  • If the credit card has been stolen or lost, then there is protection when it comes to fraud.
  • It does not require any deposit since it is an unsecured credit card.
  • Also if the credit is less than the expectation it is alright, when such viability is given and such convenience is given, that is when no rewards or benefits can be ignored.

Milestone Unsecured Mastercard

  • This card has a requirement of credit score that belongs in the range of bad to fair.
  • In this we understand that we are getting a good benefit when it comes to a bad credit history with this card.
  • No requirement for any security deposit, making this card convenient.
  • Various designs to choose from and that too without any extra charge.
  • Complete access to all the information related to the account on mobile application, which is a quick and hassle free process.
  • If you by chance do not have the required credit as well, then this card has a back up plan to offer as well, there is a regular APR of 24.9%.