Erie Home and Auto Insurance Review

Erie Home Insurance and Auto Insurance review

Operating in more than 12 states and Washington DC, this company enjoys the best ratings for its competitive pricing and excellent customer service. It provides Lock Rate service which is a further add on. Though the online tools of the Erie home insurance company are not as updated as you would expect. To decide whether this insurance policy is worth your decision and time, it is essential to know it covers. This article will give you an insight into Erie Insurance and also assess the pros and cons of the same.

Important Information

States Served: 12

Schedule of Payment: Monthly Basis

Car Protection for New Cars: Only for cars under two years

Claim Receiving: Phone and In Person

Highlights of Erie

Auto Insurance Main Highlights

  • The first thing that you get with this Erie home insurance is that your rates are not going to increase at the first time you have an accident, but the condition being that there should be three years of a good and safe driving history with Erie.
  • This is an important policy, along with this you have windshield repair as the next important policy that comes along.
  • You have a replacement for a new and better car as well, and Erie will be paying the entire upgraded model difference also. This is one good return from this policy to be noted.
  • You have expenses for rental car also being covered; there is roadside assistance as a part of your Erie home insurance scheme.
  • You have gap coverage as well when it comes to losses as well.
  • Your pet is also insured with this Erie home insurance if he or she gets injured during an accident. This is also available in the home insurance of Erie.

Home Insurance Main Highlights

  • The first thing that is covered under the homeowners is that you do not have to pay any additional fees for the cost coverage of replacement at this is very well guaranteed.
  • In case there is a theft in your house, then all the lost belongings and disappearances are undercover.
  • The pets again are also covered for various situations mentioned in the policy.
  • All the precious metals along with the cash you own get coverage of about $500.
  • It also covers any natural disaster and mishap.

Pros and Cons of Erie Auto and Home Insurance


  • This is an excellent option for those who are looking for competitive prices and a good one to one interaction for their home and auto Erie Home Insurance.
  • You get the opportunity to lock in the rates, and this is ideal for those who do not wish to change the drivers or for that matter even vehicle listed on the particular policies.


  • It is limited to a certain number of cities, and therefore people who live in the western United States do not get the benefits of this insurance.
  • Those who like to get their policies and manage the same online, then this one does not offer the same, making it less ideal for them.