Credit Cards by Keybank

Credit Cards by Keybank

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, KeyBank is a regional bank which has the credit of being the only prominent bank in Cleveland. It is one of the largest banks in United States and thus holds the credibility.

Credit cards are required by all of us, the best part is that a quick read of this article will give you an insight about the cards given by this bank and also the rewards and benefits associated with it. It will also give you the important information related to the rates and fees, that is very crucial in determining the best credit card for you.

KeyBank Latitude Credit Card

KeyBank Latitude credit card is one convenient card if you want to have flexibility to pay for the things that you need and that too at affordable rates along with a good management of your balance. Some of the key highlights associated with this credit card :-

  • There is no annual fee for this credit card.
  • APR is 0% in the first 15 billing cycles on your balance transfers as well as purchases.
  • The balance transfers should be made within the first 60 days of the opening of your account to enjoy the introductory APR.
  • After the benefit time is over, the range is of 12.24% to 22.24% and this is based on your credit worthiness.
  • The late payment fee is up to dollar 37 and the balance transfer fee is either dollar 10 or 3% of every transaction, which ever been the greater one.
  • Online balance management is also possible with this card.
  • It also comes with a contactless chip technology. This technology gives you an option to go and just tap at the merchant shops present across the world.

Key Secured Credit Card

A good credit history is very helpful in managing your financial part smoothly. Moreover, if you are interested in buying a credit card that will help you establish your credit history or will help you improve it, then this card is one choice to go for. The highlights of the secured credit card are as below :-

  • There is no annual fee for this credit card.
  • The regular APR is 25.24% and there is no benefit of introductory APR for this credit card. Considering that it is useful for building the credit score and this also establishes the fact that it does have a very high APR.
  • The late payment fee is up to $37. The best part about this card is that the minimum deposit that is required to start this is just dollar 300.
  • There is a temporary lock security feature which helps use get your credit card secured.
  • It also comes with a contactless chip technology.

Key2More Rewards Credit Card

Every day credit card purchases will be even more fun if it is being rewarded. If you are in the mood to stock up the purchase benefits and rewards, then this Key2More Rewards credit card, is a must go for. The key highlights of this credit card are :-

  • You get five points for every dollar one that you spend with this credit card for the eligible purchases.
  • You also get welcome benefits as you also receive 50,000 bonus welcome points.
  • If you spend dollar 1000- 2000 in a billing month, then you will learn 25% monthly bonus point.
  • If you spent 2000 or more, then you will earn 50% monthly bonus points.
  • This credit card has zero annual fee.
  • The introductory APR is 0% for the first six billing cycles on both purchase and balance transfer. Thereafter, it will be in the span of 15.24% to 24.24% based on the credit worthiness.