Credit Cards by Green Dot

Credit Cards by Green Dot

The credit score is very important for all of us. It entitles us to a good opportunity of getting a loan for various things easily. Thus if you are looking for credit cards that help us in building a credit score, then Green Dot credit cards are a must see. You must be wondering how they are different? Green Dot takes a refundable security deposit. This is refundable and thus a great option to get a good credit line.

This article will give you an insight to all the cards that are available for you and will also give you the related information that will be handy in choosing the best card for you. From rates and fees to rewards and benefits, all that we see before buying the card has been mentioned in this article. A quick read makes you all equipped to decide the best for you.

Green Dot Platinum Visa Secured Credit Card

  • Annual fee of this card is $39. This is the decent cost required for a card that helps you build a credit score.
  • There is no monthly fee and a one-time fee with this card.
  • The grace period provided with this card is 25 days.
  • APR (Regular Rate) is 19.99%.
  • Please note that this card does not require a good credit score or bank account prior.
  • Minimum security deposit is very low, and it is just $200.
  • If you use your credit card responsibly, your credit score is entitled to increase.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee of this card is 3% for all the purchases you make with this card abroad.
  • Secured credit cards generally do not give rewards, and thus, this one is no different.
  • To be eligible for this card, you need to be a minimum 18 years of age and a US Resident, along with income affordability to pay the credit card statements.

Green Dot Primor Visa Gold Secured Credit Card

  • The annual fee for this card is $49.
  • It does not have any monthly or one-time fee.
  • Has a comparatively low APR (Regular Rate). It is 9.99%.
  • Foreign transaction fee on all your purchases abroad from this card is 3%.
  • Minimum deposit required is only $200.
  • Good card to build a credit score.
  • Not entitled to any rewards or perks.

Green Dot Primor Visa Classic Secured Credit Card

  • The annual fee of this card is similar and in the familiar range of $39.
  • APR (Regular Rate) is 13.99%.
  • Minimum credit score needed falls in the range of bad credit score, making it a card for people with a low credit score.
  • The foreign transaction fee is similar for all credit cards by this bank. It is at 3%.
  • This one also similarly needs a minimum deposit of only $200.