Chase Freedom vs Freedom Unlimited

Chase Freedom vs Freedom Unlimited

Chase Credit Cards are one of the highly rewarding cards with no annual fee options. The number of credit card options provided by Chase curate to the needs of various groups of people, ranging from regular shoppers to frequent travelers.

We are going to compare two of the widely preferred Chase cards – Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited, to help you understand which card would be perfect for you.

An Insight of Chase Freedom

This is the flagship Chase Credit Card which offers the benefit of 5% cashback on all the popular purchasing categories and 1% cashback on the miscellaneous types. However, there is a maximum limit of $1,500 on the rotational types to earn 5% cashback. Once you reach the limit, you will get 1% cashback on popular categories also.

This card is made for everybody as the popular categories keep on rotating every three months at the end of the quarter. So even if you are not a particular category shopped, you are going to earn good cash backs from this card in at least one of the quarters.

Also, the card comes with no membership fee 0% APR rate on purchases and bank transfers for the first 15 months. Subsequently, there is a variable rate of 16.49% to 25.24%, and the bank charges you according to your credit score.

An Insight of Freedom Unlimited

With Freedom Unlimited, you get a flat cashback of 1.5% on all your purchases made using this card, with no maximum amount restriction. If you are looking for a credit card that you can use as your primary card and will give you decent cashback throughout the year with easy tracking options, then this is the perfect card for you.

As a sign-up bonus, the credit cardholders get double the amount of cashback for the first year. This is quite interesting and beneficial depending on your shopping habits as you can earn 3% cashback on every purchase you make.

This card also has no membership fee and the same interest structure as Chase Freedom. However, if you are not a heavy shopper of any single category of products and need a card that would provide you offer on all the types, then Freedom Unlimited will cater to your needs.

The difference in Reward Structures

Chase Freedom offers 5% cashback on rotational categories for up to $1,500 and 1% cashback on all the other purchases, while Freedom Unlimited provides 1.5% cashback on all the categories with no maximum limit. The value offered to an average customer is almost identical in the case of both the cards, but you might gain different benefits depending on your shopping habits.

If you are looking for a card with the best possible cashback on your regular purchases, then you should go for Freedom Unlimited. However, if you are looking to get rewarding cash backs even if they are not coming regularly, then Chase Freedom is the card for you.

Chase Freedom is a good option for those who are familiar with the expertise of managing the credit card rewards, but if you are a newbie and this is going to be your first credit card, then you should go for Freedom Unlimited as you can easily keep a record of your rewards.

Common Characteristics of Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited

• No annual membership fee
• Sign up bonus offer of earning $150 on making the purchases of $300 within the first three months with your Chase card
• Identical interest rates
• Similar redemption options – get cashback in the form of points, which you can use to make further purchases with your Chase, card or if you also have a premium Chase card, then you can transfer your rewards to Ultimate Reward points.