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The atmosphere felt awkward when we both stayed silent. In this silence, I noticed from time to time eating raka. Very slowly, between taste and not. He always uses his left hand. “Did you say, you don`t know?” This answer immediately gave up my high hopes. Suddenly, I got mad. “That`s all you mean by dating?” I asked, furious. “There is no need for the latter, after he is ready,” Refan said, taking a folder in his hand. “You know what? The owner I was finally wanted to sell his land to our real estate company. Today he came to the office to sign his contract letter, so I have to go now,” he said. Behind his calm, Raka`s spirit of going to the office is so obvious.

“Ooo… yes, I just order a taxi online,” says Sarah, disappointed. “Bian.” He grabbed his lover`s hand and gently rubbed it. “But he loved me long before we got married. I kept refusing it. I can understand why he did that. “You shouldn`t defend that bastard in front of me,” he says coolly, turning his eyes. Honestly, I do not intend to defend Galang. . “What?” I was yelling at him. Ah, this situation really put me in a bad mood. Alone, this is the picture for him right now.

Who will accompany him on the eve of the birth of his first child, which he never expected. “It`s just your feeling,” Bian said when he grabbed Sarah`s hand and gently rubbed it. “The best way to think is not to think about something else, but to focus only on your recovery.” “Maybe it`s night or tomorrow,” Sarah says in silence, stretching the traffic jams and touching Bian`s face. “Actually, you`re romantic” Ask Dita back with a look don`t believe in Refan.” Leave a trace of your readers “💮♣♣♣This ♣♣♣💮This is over for cerbungnya mbak version, for more details are already published in the Novel Wedding Agreement alhamdulilah, please contact the author 🙂 “Maybe.” I`m so upset to see that innocent expression. He looked carefree and went back to dinner. Of course, his father was angry and when he was able to chase him away, his mother was crying without knowing what to do. “I`ve never been married.” Lisa`s response certainly surprised Anisa, but it didn`t last long, because then Anisa smiled with understanding. “You shouldn`t have. It is your home, it is your servants, you deserve what you want,” I said weakly.

Just For You: #BukaInspirasi in Bukalapak TRUE STORY “Similarly, I don`t recommend going alone anywhere at the moment, two more weeks may be a new birth mother, but my estimate might be wrong.” “I refused because I chose you.

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