Privileged Access Agreement Template

I have read and understood this agreement and I am over 18 years old. This document sets out a series of policies regarding the acceptable use of machines at the Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA). CAIDA leaders have the power to immediately disable connections if they do not comply with this agreement. These rules apply to any system managed by caida staff. Please fill out the form below and send it to request privileged access to CAIDA machines. Individuals with privileged access must respect the rights of users of the system, respect the integrity of associated systems and physical resources, and comply with all relevant laws or regulations. Individuals are also required to keep ad brief on all procedures, business practices and operational guidelines relating to the activities of their local department. The terms of this agreement remain in effect after you leave your position or will be terminated by AvaCon staff or voluntary service. Any agreement you enter into with other companies or agents regarding the use or access to confidential Information of AvaCon or the use of Privilege Access, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, must be consistent with these conditions and no such agreement with another party may cancel, cancel, cancel or amend this agreement. 5) Information obtained through privileged access is privileged and should not be repeated. You are personally responsible for ensuring that all information obtained through privileged access is not used by yourself or anyone else. Just forget you`ve seen it before. In addition, you agree that if you terminate, for any reason or on AvaCon`s instructions, your authorized access to records and computer systems will be immediately revoked and that you will abstain from any system access or access privilege account, even if your Access Privilege accounts have not yet been technically suspended or revoked.

Any staff member, agent, independent contractor or volunteer who deliberately has access to unauthorized recordings or computer systems may be prosecuted and punished in civil court. Authorization In most cases, the holder of an electronic communication protocol (see ECP`s definitions of ANNEXE A) must be obtained before accessing his files or affecting his or her processes. If consent is not obtained, the conditions of access without consent of the ECP must be met. (see Section IV of the ECP. B and also “Access to Berkeley Campus Electronic Communications.”) Preferred access allows a person to take actions that could affect computer systems, network communications or other users` accounts, files, data or processes. Preferred access is generally granted to system administrators, network administrators, employees who manage computer accounts, or other employees whose tasks require special permissions for a computer system or network. As a condition for obtaining privileged access if your assigned tasks require such access, you also accept that, until security authorization: 6) This agreement complements the agreement on the widespread use of accounts. (8) In all cases, access to other people`s electronic information is limited to the slightest review of the content and the least necessary measures to resolve a situation. This form is reserved for CAIDA employees and laboratory visitors.

You must already be a certified CAIDA staff member to request access. For more information on access to CAIDA data, see the CAIDA data overview for an updated list of available datasets. 5. Preferred access may be used to grant, modify or deny resources, access or privileges to another person only for authorized account management activities or in exceptional circumstances. All documents containing confidential information held by AvaCon, controlled by AvaCon or licensed by AvaCon and made available to you for the performance of your duties, avaCon, for any reason or at AvaCon`s request, will be made available to you.

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