New Decade New Agreement

The agreement described quarterly meetings to audit implementation, the first, having taken place before the end of January 2020,123, she indicated that the party leaders of the Northern Ireland Executive would attend the meetings and that the UK Government and the Irish Government would be involved “if necessary in accordance with the tripartite approach.”124 He added that an implementation programme and timetable will be agreed at the first meeting. Appendix F of the New Decade, New Approach indicated that quarterly updates on progress in the implementation of the agreement will be published.125 60.The Irish government has made several commitments under the new decade, the new approach. These commitments, set out in Appendix B of the agreement, covered six areas: 69.Il is to be welcomed by the government`s commitment to the agreement to create a semi-annual cabinet delegation with the Northern Ireland executive. If implemented, it should strengthen cooperation between the UK government and the Northern Ireland executive. reviewing the implementation of the agreement is a real role for the supervisory board. This office will be composed of the Secretary of State, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. In each cabinet delegation, the agreement on the new approach at the end of the new decade will clearly constitute a very important part of its responsibilities.146 67.The exact role that the cabinet`s semi-annual delegation will play in monitoring the new decade is unclear. We asked the minister whether the semi-annual delegation meeting would put on his agenda the review of the implementation of the new decade, the new approach. He told us that in addition to the agreement, a draft of the assembly`s legislation on the linguistic and cultural aspects of the agreement was published. This legislation includes three separate bills to be defined: the Office of Identity and Cultural Expression (OICE); an Irish language commissioner; Governments are now presenting an agreement close to agreement to all parties.

This builds on the extensive discussion and collective work that the parties have been doing since last May following the horrific murder of Lyra McKee. Governments believe that a fair and balanced package is needed. There is no need for public patience for more processes and more discussions. It is time for political leaders and for a common commitment to make politics work for citizens.” The full agreement document and joint bills are available online here. The CAJ has written two briefing papers on the NDNA. The first provides a brief overview of the agreement, its main provisions and its impact on rights and equality. The second is a much more detailed analysis, which focuses specifically on the content of the three bills. Governments are presenting a proposal for agreement to all parties today. This builds on the extensive discussion and collective work that the parties have been doing since last May following the horrific murder of Lyra McKee.

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