7 Best Car Insurance Companies

7 Top Best Car Insurance Companies

Road accidents and injuries are unfortunate and pose a threat to your life, vehicle on road, and of course your finances. Car insurance is one significant thing that protects you from the financial burden in case of accident. It covers all the liability to your car, your life, and other drivers on road with whom you crash into an accident. Choose any type or any insurance company, it all works towards a common purpose to protect policyholders after a crash. Moreover, provide the financial aid for treating the customers with pure courtesy, respect, and value.

Here, we have compiled a list of top car insurance companies in the US after a thorough analysis of their financial strength, customer testimonials, rewards, benefits, and complains.

State Farm

State Farm is a mutually owned insurance company. It is also the largest auto insurance company in the United States. The quick highlights of the insurance company are:

  • The insurance company beholds 18% of the total market share.
  • One dollar of every five dollar spent on insurance is spent on the insurance provided by State Farm.
  • It has more than 19,000 agents and around 70,000 employees.
  • State Farm makes a profit gain over 1.7 billion dollar that is constantly growing year by year.


Allstate with a huge network of agents has many auto insurance policies with maximum coverage and benefits. Some of the quick highlights of the company are:

  • It has more than 20,000 sales professionals and around 9,300 agents across the United States.
  • The company offers to all its policyholders’ complete satisfaction through its Claim Satisfaction Guarantee benefit.
  • Some of the beneficial features available as options include safe driving bonus and accident forgiveness.


GEICO is a well-known insurance company in the United States that has till date secured more than 24 million vehicles across. Some of the quick highlights of the insurance company are:

  • The most essential advantage is the talking gecko lizard that made it most famous amongst people searching for insurance.
  • The total employees are about 36,000 working across more than nine regional offices.
  • It also has about three service centers and three claims centers.
  • The price of the policy is reasonable with low premiums and a host of benefits.
  • GEICO has incomparable financial strength and high customer ratings


Hartford’s insurance works in association with the AARP to offer various benefits to all policyholders. Some of the quick highlights of the insurance include:

  • It offers lifetime renewability benefit as long as the policyholder keeps paying the premium.
  • The most inspiring element is the RecoverCare benefit. This serves to pay for all necessities like transportation, cooking, cleaning, and other essentials if after a road accident, the policyholder fails to perform and the company is not able to cover the insurance.
  • New car replacement is also an exciting feature of the policy in case the car is completely damaged within 15 months of purchase and 15,000 miles.


USAA with headquarter in San Antonio is the brainstorming idea of 25 Army personnel who initiated the operations with the desire to insure each other’s vehicle. Thereafter, the company started serving million of US military members and eligible family members. Some of the quick highlights of the USAA include:

  • It has become one of the largest insurance providers in San Antonio.
  • The company offers affordable and competitive car insurance policy.
  • Vehicle storage discounts, war zone coverage for all military belongings, and liability protection for all government-owned vehicles are the key benefits of USAA.
  • Policy is designed to meet the unique and special needs of the military professionals and their lifestyle.


Amica auto insurance policy offers a complete menu of policy coverage with a huge spectrum of perks and benefits. Some of the quick highlights of the insurance policy include:

  • After first five years of car ownership, depreciation of the car won’t be considered.
  • In case the policyholder loses the key due to any reason, there is free lock replacement benefit.
  • An option of Platinum Auto Insurance with the extra benefit of advantage rewards that give points on good driving behavior, referrals, and purchasing more policies.
  • Full glass coverage, rental coverage, and identity fraud monitoring are other important features of Amica.


Nationwide is a Fortune 100 insurance company with an estimated payout of more than $18 billion for settling the claims of policyholders. Some of the quick highlights of Nationwide include:

  • Nationwide has made significant contribution to various non-profit organizations.
  • Comprehensive car insurance with liability coverage and collision coverage are the key offerings of the company.
  • Some of the other benefits include medical payments to pay for the medical expenses, roadside assistance, and property damage liability.
  • Personal injury protection to pay for medical costs and rehabilitation expenses. This happens in case of funeral costs, loss of work, and car replacement after an accident.