21st Century Auto Insurance Review

21st Century Auto Insurance Review

21st century is the auto insurance company that offers budget-friendly plans to private passenger auto drivers of California and Hawaii. This insurance company is a subsidiary of farmer’s insurance company that had its headquarters based at Wilmington, Delaware. The insurance company provides one of the viable options for getting coverage by auto drivers. To get the best benefits, one must know about the least minimum coverage requirements laid down by the State. Besides, it is essential to know about deductibles. You must learn how these are different from the premium.

This insurance company was in business since 1958. However, the company was bought by the AIG in 2005 and then it was taken over by Farmer’s Insurance in 2009. This article outlines the primary products, overview and the pros and cons of 21st Century auto insurance company.

Main Points

  • Best suited for California and Hawaii drivers
  • Most Outstanding features: i. Affordable coverage plans, ii. Farmers insurance support for claims settlement, iii. Policy management module available online, iv. 24-hour customer service available
  • Number of states served: 2
  • Auto insurance discounts available: multiple vehicle discount, clean driving record discount, drivers education discount, defensive driving course discount, good grades discount, safe driver and automotive safety features discount
  • Claims support provided via Farmers Insurance intelligence in claims settlement
  • The policy can be managed online
  • The customer support reachable 24/7
  • The availability of cheap coverage option

Pros of 21st Century Insurance

Here are some of the advantages of 21st century insurance products

  • The insurance policy from 21st century comes with lots of value-added features. The purpose of these features is to help users save a lot of money.
  • It proves to be very cost-effective, especially for those drivers who are well educated. It also proves beneficial for those who have never got the ticket for illegal ways of driving or parking, and have taken the best care of their vehicles.
  • The discounts are extended to the right students and family too. The families who want their teen kids to get the cover of 21st century insurance policy enjoy special discounts. The members of the U.S army also win discounts.
  • Apart from these, the 21st century also offers gap insurance. This coverage keeps the insured driver from paying the amount that is equal to the difference between the remaining car loan and value of the car.
  • The other advantage given to the insurance buyer is that the company will replace the vehicle with the brand new model if the vehicle undergoes major damage in the accident.
  • If the driver clocks less than 15000 miles a year, the company offers low mileage benefit.
  • There is a benefit for the clients who continue their relationship with the 21st century for extended periods.
  • Complimentary roadside assistance service is available for the policy owners.
  • Claims service is available 24/7, and the beneficiary or policy owner can file for the claims online on easy terms.

Cons of the 21st Century Insurance

  • 21st century does not provide any relief for the vehicular breakdowns. All mechanics and repairs cost is to be borne by the driver. This relief is available in specific competitions of this insurance company. Therefore, if this means a lot to you, looking for other insurance options is advisable.
  • Secondly, there is no accident forgiveness feature provided to the driver. If the vehicle gets into an accident, the insured entity might need to pay the premium higher than the normal.
  • The company does not appear in good ratings of various reviewers. Some regulating agencies call it a below-average insurance company.